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Easy exercise at your fingertips!


There are few things in life I absolutely hate doing, things like packing school lunches, cleaning the bathrooms and cardio. I envy people who can slip on their sneakers and go for a six mile run like its nothing. I feel that if you are going to commit to being healthy, it should also be attainable so you don’t set yourself up for failure. Thats why you never hear me say something like, “I’m going to run a half marathon!”

The one exercise I have found that I truly enjoy and have stuck with through the years is yoga. There are tons of benefits to a regular yoga practice and my body feels really relaxed and flexible after a session. I try to supplement the yoga with long walks and light weights but lately I’ve been feeling like I need to do more.

Enter the FitnessBlender channel on YouTube. *note- the Fitness Blender people have no clue who I am, have never approached me and Im only telling you about them because I find the workouts to be excellent and worth your time to check out! *  I’ve done several of these videos and they are great! Last night I did the Barre Workout and it took about forty minutes and left my legs shaking! Workouts range from a few minutes to an hour and there are all different kinds of workouts to choose from so you can keep workouts fresh and interesting.

Fitness at home is so easy and convenient and with exercises at your fingertips, there’s no excuse. Oh and its free. So lots of free, quality workouts and you don’t necessarily have to change out of your pajamaa if you don’t want to!

I usually prop my ipad up next to me and do one of these workouts at the end of the day.  Why is it that when you’re young and have energy, you don’t need to work very hard to maintain a good figure but when you get older, you have to work twice as hard to have results?

Check it out:

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4 thoughts on “Easy exercise at your fingertips!

  1. I agree about Yoga – a great discipline. Had rather a harsh teacher so will need to find a gentler person. Pilates is great too but again you need to find a really good teacher – not so easy either!

  2. Yes a good teacher makes all the difference. Pilates and yoga are definitely more difficult than people think!

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