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How to be a redhead with Pureology Reviving Red


by Kristen Docker

Yours truly was born a red head which turned to strawberry blonde by the time I was two. Since “self-turning” in to a blonde, bleached blonde that is, in my early twenties I had been longing for my “natural” hair color back but was too scared to take the risk. What if it didn’t turn out? What if I looked like Peg Bundy minus the cigarette pants and slip on stillettos? It was a risk I wasn’t willing to take until a few months ago! Armed with a picture from the pages of In Style magazine of the perfect shade of red, I headed to the salon and went for it. It turned out better than I could have imagined! I’m loving it and feel foolish that I didn’t go for it years ago.


Now that my mane is the perfect shade of red, I’ll do anything I can to make sure it stays that was as long as possible. Enter, Pureology Reviving Red! Pureology had been my favorite shampoo throughout my blonde years so I was eager to see what the Reviving Red Shamp’Oil and Reviving Red Condition had to offer. True to all Pureology products, Reviving Red is amazing! The Shamp’Oil is unique oil delivery system that penetrates deep into hair fiber to deliver 4X the active ingredients to drastically replenish hair and seal the cuticle keeping your color long lasting.

I’ve also been using the Pureology Reviving Red Illuminating Caring Oil on my wet hair before I blow dry. It picks up the red and copper tones in my hair making it super shiny. In between salon visits, Pureology Reviving Red, Red Reflect Enhancer is just what hair needs for an extra color boost. This one is cool because you can use it once a week. It’s super simple to use, I just bring a pair of disposable gloves with me in the shower and after shampooing, I squeeze the tiny tube (reminiscent of a hot oil treatment tube) into my gloved hand and worked it into my hair, letting it soak in for five minutes before rinsing. I’ve noticed a big difference in my hair color and have been using this religiously for four weeks. 

Thank you, Pureology for once again, Replenishing, Conditioning, Shining and Enhancing my color treated hair!

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