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How to successfully cut your own bangs at home


BANGS are all the rage. Lately everyone has them. Bangs can be really cute and flattering and make a big difference in your look, taking years off and hiding forehead wrinkles. Also, its a rare person who can show off their entire forehead and actually look attractive and not like a human chalkboard. Bangs are a good thing.

 I seriously scoured the internet for a good lesson in “cutting your own bangs” and came up with hundreds of tips and tricks. My favorite instructions came from New York magazine. This feature provides pictures and easy to follow directions. Please go here to view them! 

A few things before you start:

Don’t cut bangs while sad/depressed/drunk. I have cut my own hair while feeling sad and was really sorry and I ended up looking like this: 


I’m not kidding

Don’t cut your bangs with the scissors you use to cut paper, the dog’s dingleberries, kitchen scissors used to cut chicken fat, nail clippers, etc. CVS/Walmart sells inexpensive hair cutting scissors for under ten dollars, buy a pair and keep them in your bathroom medicine cabinet, away from the kids who will use them to cut paper or Barbie’s hair.

Don’t cut too much hair. Short bangs look cute on girls with pixie cuts like Emma Watson but they don’t look so hot on middle aged moms with wrinkles.

Start slow. Don’t rush the process. Take off a teeny amount first then if you like it, go back and take off another tiny amount.

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