CindyReads: The Art Forger by B. A. Shapiro

In The Art Forger, Claire Roth is an artist who earns a livingby  painting reproductions of famous works of art. Longing to make her own mark in the art world, she hesitantly accepts an offer from a handsome art gallery owner to paint a copy of a Degas. In return, she will get her own show in the gallery.   

When she receives what is supposed to be the real Degas, so she can paint the copy, she starts to wonder if this real painting, isn’t in fact a forgery. This painting is one of the missing works of art from the Isabella Stewart museum. Claire gets swept up in trying to learn the truth about the painting and seeks to learn more about what happened between Edgar Degas and Isabella Stewart.

While the art heist really did happen in the museum, the story of Claire is a work of the author’s imagination. The story is done well, and the reader is left wondering what really went down in the museum. I liked the subplot of the past, when Claire painted a masterpiece for her then-boyfriend, a celebrated art professor who took the credit and accolades for the painting and left Claire alone and struggling. This gives us some back story on why its so important for Claire to succeed with her paintings.

There is an incredible amount of detailed art information in this book, I appreciate all the work the author must have done in her research, especially about art forgery. Very interesting!

Check out more information from I don’t want to give away any of the book as there are many plot twists and turns! This is the perfect rainy day book to envelope yourself  in!

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