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I’ve really limited my television watching and have opted instead to get in bed early and read for as long as I can before it’s lights out. I went to the library and came home with a stack of novels, out of all of them, I only really liked one! And that one was…

…Stay by Allie Larkin. It was so cute, humorous, and engaging that I immediately got my hands on her follow up novel, Why Can’t I Be You? The book won’t be out until February 26th but if you are in the mood for something thats well written and funny,  definitely place your order now.

Wish you were someone else? So does lonely Jenny. Jenny Shaw’s boyfriend breaks up with her as she’s leaving for a conference in Seattle.  When Jenny hears someone call, “Jessie!” at the hotel and mistakes her for someone else, Jenny pretends to be this other woman, a person that Jenny feels is the opposite of her, someone who is a little wild and takes chances. Jenny pretends to be Jessie and enjoys a life she never had as herself. As Jessie, she develops close friendships and even a love interest, but for how long can Jenny take on this identity? And who will she hurt when the truth is finally discovered?

Feeling a little antsy about your own marriage? This book was a lot more serious than I anticipated. Its deep and complicated much like marriage itself. Vow by Wendy Plump is the true story of how Wendy discovered her husband’s infidelity, he had another family living within miles of her own home. Wendy had also cheated on her husband early in their marriage and in this book, she takes a close look at the complexities of marriage and forgiveness and moving forward.

Are you jealous of someone? In Samantha Wilde’s novel, I’ll Take What She Has, Nora and Annie are best friends who live with their husbands on the campus of the boarding school where Nora teaches and Annie’s husband is also a teacher. Their friendship is tested when gorgeous Cynthia Cypress arrives. Cynthia has it all, looks and brains and happens to be married to Nora’s ex. Annie and Nora take turns narrating the story and experiencing;  wanting a baby, being a stay at home mother, friendship, feelings, envy and jealousy. Its a case of the grass being greener and who can’t relate to that?

In the mood for a historical novel? Give Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim a whirl. In this deeply moving novel, Mattie is the enslaved nursemaid to infant Elizabeth. Mattie had to leave her own newborn Samuel, in order to care for Miss Elizabeth up at the big house.The only way Mattie can see her son is by watching him through the window. She and Elizabeth form a very close bond that lasts for years. The book is so beautifully written and its alternately moving and sad.

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