CindyReads: Forgotten by Catherine McKenzie

Catherine McKenzie is quickly becoming a favorite author. I read Arranged and loved it, and now with Forgotten she has a big fan in me.  I just ordered Spin, her other novel and I have high hopes for that one. But back to her newest, Forgotten. What a great premise- lawyer Emma Tupper’s mother dies and her one wish for her daughter was to go to Africa, a place she loved. So Emma takes time off from her demanding career to go. Once there, Emma gets sick and a huge earthquake hits, all communication is lost. Back home, she’s assumed dead. Her friends mourn for Emma then get on with their lives and jobs.

When Emma finally gets home six months later, her apartment is rented to someone else, her job is gone and everyone has moved on. She can’t just pick up where she left off. Emma must try to assemble her old life or start a brand new one.

I highly recommend this quick moving story, its a fun read!

My latest reads include Diary of a Mad Fat Girl, The Orchid House, Cascade, and Love Anthony. Up next: Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown and Jess Riley’s newest novel, All The Lonely People.


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