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Smooth hair in this heat? No problem!

 When the temperature climbs past 90*, I know my hair is going to react with some major, major frizz. I step outside and it immediately turns into a tumbleweed, a very fuzzy one at that. THANK GOODNESS I was sent some Acai Protective Straightening Balm by Brazilian Blowout and a few Brazilian Keratin products from the Organix line. Let’s talk about the straightening balm first.

You apply this deliciously scented balm to damp hair then blow dry. I wasn’t sure exactly how it would work, I applied a generous amount then prayed it wouldn’t weigh my thin, fine hair down. I blow dried my hair, business as usual, and my hair was definitely straighter and smoother. I was actually pretty surprised how straight my wavy hair  was with minimal effort, just a big round brush!

Perfect for those with wavy hair who want straighter locks for the day.


For more smooth hair potential, reach for Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy products. I used the Hydrating Keratin Masque, the Flat Iron Spray and the Shimmering Keratin Oil. These products smell good enough to eat (but don’t) . The masque infuses dry, parched hair with lots of moisture.

The Flat Iron Spray guards against heat styling tools such as a flat iron, I used a curling iron and it worked great. My poor hair…its been so beaten and battered with heat tools and coloring! It really cried out for the Hydrating Masque which contains cocoa butter and keratin proteins. I recommend using this as a treatment that you leave on for a good ten- fifteen minutes so dry hair can really soak all the nutrients in!

And when I had blow dried and heat styled and curled again and lightly teased and combed the back of my hair into submission, I applied the Shimmering Keratin Spray to my locks, adding a bit of shine and radiance!

I continue to seek out products for frizzy, dry, color treated hair so stay tuned for more….



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