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My latest obsession: the sock bun

How to:
– Cut the toe off of the sock and use the top part to create a tube.
– Roll your tube into a ‘donut’ shape.
– Make a ponytail in your hair where you want the bun.
– Pull your ponytail through the center of the donut, evenly spread your hair around the sock.
– Roll the sock down the length of your ponytail (towards your head) and wrap your hair around it as you go. 
– When you’ve reached the base of your ponytail, tuck in any remaining ends and make sure the sock is covered with hair.

I’m sure you, savvy and smart beauty lover, know all about the sock bun. I’m late to the game. I vaguely knew about sock buns and hair donuts but had yet to recognize one in real life. Recently I saw an adorable young woman with the most amazing bun and she told me it was a simple sock bun. Easy to do, quick, and keeps hair looking neat and perfect. Like you are a lovely ballerina, about to take center stage.

The sock bun is the Justin  Bieber of hairdo’s. Came out of nowhere yet now every single person (almost) is aware of it and totally into it. You’ve probably seen about five of these today. Its all the rage, trust me on it.

Because my hair is awful and thin, I’m  not the ideal candidate for this coiff. You would for sure see the sock through my lanky locks. But my daughter has been blessed with very thick, wavy hair. She took it upon herself to cut up a sock, find a You Tube video then recruit me to carry out the instructions.

This is pretty easy but you will want to make sure your hair covers the sock completely. Its the best hairstyle for this hot summer weather. I love it. Will you  be trying out the Sock Bun?


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