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Treat your hair to Orchids Oil by White Sands

by Caroline Leavitt

The New Hair Apparent for Gorgeous Locks: Orchids Oil

What’s more gorgeous than an orchid? Well, how about your hair? White Sands Orchids Oil is extracted from the orchid flower and it restores inner balance to your hair and scalp. I put on just a dab in my hair and saw an instant boost in shine and manageability.

You can use it on damp hair and then style, or use on dry hair to keep frizz at bay, and condition and shine your tresses to a glowing polish. Plus, it smells delectable.If you’re like me, and you can’t do enough to pamper your crowning glory, you’ll love this beautifier.

Caroline is a book reviewer for People Magazine, a freelance writer and best selling author. Read her newest novel, Pictures of You now. Click here for her blog!



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