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It Factor Quick Blow Dry Shampoo & Conditioner

by Kristen Docker of The Curvy Blonde

There is not much I dread more than the mornings I have to wash my hair!  It means waking up almost a whole hour earlier just to give myself ample blow drying and styling time…it’s even worse when it’s 30 degrees outside during the winter!  I wish I had the time, and the patience to wash, condition, blow dry and style my thick locks every day but I don’t! 
I was recently given It Factor Quick Blow Dry Shampoo & Conditioner to test out and since I’m all for anything that wants to cut down on my blow drying time I was anxious to try it out!  It Factor Quick Blow Dry comes in darling pink and gold bottles (I’m a sucker for cute packaging) and smells great!
Now, for the science behind it:  It Factors proprietary Vapor Boost System magically speeds up drying time by reducing the attraction between the hair shaft and water.  When heat is applied the water releases from the hair easier and turns to water vapor quicker.  
Now, for the result:  It works!  It definitely cut down on my drying time and even left my hair feeling super smooth with less fly-aways and frizz than usual.  It Factor Quick Blow Dry Shampoo & Conditioner will always have a place in my shower!

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