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I found peace at the Golden Door Spa

My days consist of feverishly writing, reading and cleaning the house and dealing with my two children who seem to fight more than get along. There is nothing I need more than time at a luxurious spa like the Golden Door.  I need peace and relaxation  and ..more quiet. And some relaxation. Did I mention quiet? I really need a break.

As you drive down the slightly windy road, approaching the Golden Door parking lot, you begin to feel calm. Greenery is plentiful and the sound of the leaves lightly rustling in the wind greets you. There are no ringing telephones or screaming children or barking dogs. I wasn’t even inside yet but I knew that I did not want to leave. Serenity and peace, thats what this place is all about. I can see why people shell out big bucks to come here for a week.

Everything you need is here for you including clothes. Just bring your personal items.  The resort is located on 377 acres so there is plenty of room for all the spa guests.  You don’t really even have to see anyone else if you don’t want to.

The infamous Golden Doors. Many a celeb has passed through these doors.

During your stay at the Golden Door, you can personalize your week with fitness, mind/body balance, spa cuisine and activies. You are not forced to do anything, just sit back and be pampered. A week of hiking, yoga, walking and nutrious food plus lots of quiet sounds like heaven to me.

Stroll down the bridge, note the curve of the walkway- so any evil spirits cannot follow around the bend. Leave all negativity behind.

Zen gardens abound, so much green and peaceful surroundings. As I was touring the grounds, I found myself wishing I could just…sit. The place is designed so anywhere you rest  your eyes, a beautiful site will be in front of you. There is nowhere to go where beauty isn’t within reach. Just open your eyes.

In the organic garden where flowers are grown along side fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables. The restaurant at the Golden Door serves delicious food and much of it comes right from here.

I’m partial to breathtaking flowers.

Take a peaceful walk down the path. Those who stay at the Golden Door can get up early for a crack-of-dawn hike.

The Golden Door has been around since 1961, catering to Hollywood’s elite. Located right outside of San Diego, the spa is centrally located making it the perfect getaway for southern CA celebs. People fly in from all over the world to experience the luxury of this peaceful resort. You don’t have to be a celebrity to stay here but you will certainly feel like a VIP when you arrive. The staff definitely nurtures you and grants your every wish.

While I was strolling thru the grounds, all I could think about is how perfect it would be to have  a week here. I arrived home pondering nothing else but how could I manage to get away for seven days at the Golden Door. 

Need a stress free trip? Yes! You and me both. You can find out more by going here.

And very soon, I will post my review of the Golden Door’s elite skin care products which are available to everyone and are truly amazing!

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