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Tigi Catwalk Volume




I love trying out hair products that promise to make my hair look bigger, thicker, more voluminous! So it was with high expectations that I slathered my scalp with this Tigi Catwalk Root Boost Spray. I didn’t exactly slather– but I did section off my wet hair and spray this volumizing product onto my roots. Lo’ and behold, yes! It did satisfy my desire for big, large, huge, over- the- top hair.

In all honesty, a little goes a long way and the next time I used it, I used a little less, blow dried my hair, then lightly brushed out where I had sprayed and the result was still larger hair but not as stiff as when I used a lot of it. This is my new favorite styling product! 




Next  up is the Catwalk Thickening Gel, a light gel that makes hair look  fuller. Exactly what my  thin hair needs. My two biggest concerns with my hair is that its fine and thin (and gross and frizzy and the color is horrible, but I’m getting off track). Without styling aids, it falls flat and looks awful. I applied the gel to the underside of my hair and where its frizzy- the top layer- I applied a smoothing serum. This gave my hair some serious body!

The day my hair turned out the best was when I let it air dry for about twenty minutes with only the thickening gel in it (and some of the volumizer from above) then blew it dry. It looked amazing.

I’d love to try the shampoo and conditioner from this collection to get the full effect of the products. I’m looking for gigantic hair, Jersey style. You can find out more by going to the Tigi website!

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