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MAC Prep for Color

MAC Prep for Color is another collection from the cosmetics giant. MAC keeps introducing new collections keeping their products fresh and fun. And I present  Prep For Color, products geared towards making the cosmetics application process smoother for a prettier result.

I tested The Skin Brightening Serum. When I first read about this, I expected a pearly lotion but this one is clear. Somehow, it smoothes my skin and seems to just make it look…better. As described by MAC, “Natural antioxidants help to strengthen the skin against UV-related damage, while M∙A∙C Charged Water ensures deep, long-lasting hydration.” I use this instead of moisturizer, still remembering to apply a light lotion with an spf.

The eyeshadow colors include Sorcery, a mid tone brown with red tones, Hey a shimmery beige that I like as a base color and Prep for Glamour, a pearly brown frost.

There’s also a gorgeous hot pink lip glass color thats called Just Add Color. Lip glasses are amazing, they are so much fun to wear and offer lots of shine. Its easy to become addicted to these. Lip glasses come in a ton of colors. My favorite way to wear them is to find a rich lipstick color, then layer Lip Glass over it.

There are more products to this collection so please head over here to view them! And coming soon….yet another amazing collection with some gorgeous colors!

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