Grammy Fashion

M.I.A looks like she’s being devoured by the ravenous blue sea creature dress!
Oh Leann! She’s practically rocking a chola brow! Her look would improve drastically if the eyebrows weren’t so *cough cough* dramatic, her hair was pulled into a low, messy bun and she exchanged the shoes for something strappy and metallic. My stylist skills are available, call me!
Here’s Katy Perry, now insert your Pretty in Pink comments here! I like the pink gown, it looks vintage. I dig the accessories too. But the enormous bow on the dress might be a tad too overwhelming on her small frame.

Leona Lewis– beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. But I don’t think this is the most flattering dress in the universe for her. I dig the color and the sequins but I would have liked a different top/neckline. That style is for someone with a smaller bust, uh…like me.

Sheryl Crow is TINY in person, wears very little makeup and is naturally pretty. Knowing her like I do- which is really not much at all- I don’t think she’s one for zippy ball gowns and flashy jewels, so this ensemble is right on target for the songstress!

Lisa Rinna, wild and crazy on the Red Carpet! She’s actually quite fun and on the fashion review shows, she never says an unkind word. Two snaps for Lisa! And three snaps for showing off her boobs in this black number!
Why is Kim Kardashian at the Grammy’s? Is her sex tape up for best soundtrack? (((GONG))) bad joke! Her dress reminds me of tulle and packing tape. I think she might have fallen victim to Spray Tan Legs (see Paris Hilton, below)
“I didn’t pick out the dentist bib dress!”

Why is Paris Hilton at the Grammy’s? Why is her dress so short and is she wearing underpants? I sure hope so. I can tell that she got a spray tan because her legs are the tell-tale orange shade and her face is white.
That just-below-the-knee-length is tricky, if you go down any further, your legs look stumpy. A safe bet is to end the dress just at the knee. Duffy doesn’t WOW me but I’m not gagging into the garbage can either. She’s cute.

Words are failing me. Do I think its a little much? Yes. Are those mirrors so she can discreetly check her reflection throughout the evening? Possibly. Is Simon Cowell hiding in her giant hive? I don’t think so, his ego couldnt possibly fit. Will Paula end up on a few Worst Dressed Lists? For sure.

I’m not sure how I feel about Dave Grohl’s look- maybe a little messy- but I love his wife’s hair color against the blue of her dress! I love her shoes (not with the dress but she’s pregnant so she gets a pass).

Oh Adele, you know how I feel about tights…don’t you? I would have given her some fishnets instead. That vibrant green is so awesome, I think her dress should have been made from it.

I’m unfamiliar with this girl- Audrina?- but I like her dress and the sideswept bun. It works for me. Although I do have to restrain myself from throwing a long necklace around her neck for a little pizzazz.

What was Kate Beckinsdale doing at the Grammys? Does she have a record contract hidden under her dress?

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2 thoughts on “Grammy Fashion

  1. Lisa Rinna looked awful. Awful hair bun (like Paula’s), makeup thick and cat-like. Trying to remember the her she used to be!

  2. I thought it was nice that Lisa Rinna changed things up…her hair was cool. And for once she wasn’t wearing leopard print! 🙂

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