Cruise to Alaska, Dyson, Mothers Day gift

Mothers Day is right around the corner!

For the Mother who wants a little summer color but won’t lay in the sun, here is True Blue Spa Shade to Order. I love this stuff because you can adjust how light or dark you want to go! Turn the top left or right depending on if you want to spend the summer as dark as George Hamilton or simply sun kissed.

Shade to Order contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and smells tropical like oranges and coconuts. I apply this every day in the summer, going to about a 3 or 4 which is not too dark. Enough to look summery but not a fake orange as if I’ve spent a month locked in a tanning chamber. Self tanner is the way to go to save your skin from aging and skin cancer!

For the mom who wants a little luxury in her life, how about giving her the Whish Papaya Coconut Shave Cream? Smells so yummy and makes your legs super silky. Using Whish gives your legs lots of moisture and you will get a closer shave. Take it into the shower so the heat of the water can combine with the heady scent of coconut for a spa-like experience.

The New Age Mom who loves yoga and saving the rain forest will want a case of Zrii. This beverage is endorsed by the Chopak Center, I can just imagine Deepak Chopra himself meditating with a bottle of Zrii close at hand. This vitamin packed drink is a blend the amalaki fruit along with other herbs and fruits. Zrii packs a powerful nutritious punch and as a yoga loving, save- the- rain forest kind of gal, I’d be thrilled with a couple of bottles!

Footpetals makes all kinds of neat products to help take care of tired feet. For the mother who is on her aching feet all day long, Footpetals offers a whole line of treats to soothe feet. Sweaty Pedi Foot Fragrance keeps feet feeling fresh. Natural Tea Tree and Wasabi help control odor. After you spray this Vanilla scented product, your feet instantly feel soft and fresh rather than hot, swollen and tired.
Footpetals Cooling Gel will be my summer staple. This anti-inflammatory cooling gel instantly relaxes achy, swollen feet. The gel contains tea tree oil, aloe and jojoba wax among other good- for- you ingredients. Menthol gives your toes a cooling sensation which is a welcome reprieve after spending a scorching day in sandals.
For the mom who likes to sit poolside and sip cocktails, Demeter has created a delicious, fresh, unbelievable scent called Frozen Margarita. Combining the citrus smell of limes and tequila (?) Demeter is somehow able to recreate the fragrance of an ice cold perfectly blended Margarita! Your senses will be intoxicated!

Mothers Day is only less than two weeks away. You better start thinking about what you are going to get dear mom. Better yet, think about what you want! Start telling the kids so they can drop hints to your husband. Kids are not subtle. Tell them what you want and ask them to pass it along to dad.

This year I want a Dyson Vacuum, the kind that sucks up pet hair. I’d also like a cruise to Alaska. I’m not asking for much, right? After all we do around the house, running endless errands, taking the kids to sporting events, the constant cleaning, walking the dog, picking up dog poop in the yard and much more, don’t you think every mother should take this one day and get spoiled? Go ahead and buy yourself something nice and luxurious for Mothers Day! You deserve it. And probably, so does your mom.

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