Daily Dollfaces

Jessica Alba looks very comfortable in her Biblically inspired outfit- gladiator sandals, the long dress and the flowing wrap. She’s a page right out of the Old Testament.
Rumer needs to hike up the neck line on her gown! It’s almost showing off things I don’t want to see. Why is she always photographed?

Christina Ricci is so darn cute, I saw her on a talk show and she’s funny and down to earth.
I’ll pass on Speed Racer though- looks like a headache waiting to happen with all the bright CGI stuff.

I know Sienna Miller likes to dress all boho and everything but the blue plastic sunglasses, which are most likely designer and very expensive, remind me of movies like Real Genius and Valley Girl. Movies of the 80’s where fashion was at an all time low. Ankle boots? Seriously, I can’t take a redo of my highschool fashion faux pas.

Pink and purple are for Easter Eggs and Barbie dolls. Mariah has the means to dress in Armani and Calvin Klein and she chooses clothes like this?
I like Lauren Conrad’s style and her nail color. I have no idea why this girl was invited to the White House Correspondents dinner. I read over the guest list and cannot fathom how many of the “celebs” were invited.
Kelly Osbourne’s dress-tunic-housecoat thing was clearly inspired by the great RELAX tee shirts from Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Janet Jackson wants you to see her boobs however, her feet remain well hidden under the cuffs of her long pants. Her outfit says, “Look at my chest not at my shoes.”

Emmy Rossum’s dress has my name written all over it. I want something like this, its a beautiful cut and color. Sadly I have no fancy dinner or premiere to wear it to.

I love celebrities without makeup. They usually look younger. Courtney Cox probably had botox but not too much.

Speaking of Botox, Cindy and Rande, two for one shots? His forehead is monstrous.
He needs Tyra Banks bangs.

Amy Smart a celeb who lives quietly, dresses nicely, works to save the environment and seems like a decent person. She loves dogs. We could be pals.

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