Astara Mask Madness!

There is nothing more relaxing than taking the time to do a mask and indulging in some quiet time while the face mask works it’s magic. My friend Lisa loves to steam her face to open the pores over a bowl of hot water, but I use a very warm washcloth to get the same effect. I recently discovered the Astara Masks and let me tell you, these are excellent. I can’t decide which one I like best. All three masks gave my skin a lovely, pink cheeked hue making me look young and healthy.

The Blue Flame Purification Mask will clean your clogged pores and leave you looking fresh-faced. This blue mask doesn’t flake off or make your skin tight when it dries. The skin feels and looks clear and clean after you wash it off. The Blue Flame contains aloe vera, tea tree oil, vitamin E, sage, lavender among other delicious ingredients.

The Sea Mineral Mask feeds your skin nutrients that come from the sea such as kelp and spirulina. This gem in a bottle multitasks by exfoliating, moisturizing and oxygenating the skin. Also contains jojoba beads. You probably know that jojoba is an excellent ingedient for hair, skin and nails. Many nutricious goodies are found in the sea so its no wonder that the Sea Mineral Mask makes your face look like you just had a professional facial.

The Golden Flame Hydration Mask is for those days when the skin needs some extra attention and moisture. This can be used around the eye area for extra hydration and to soften fine lines. Golden Flame heals skin with aloe, essential oils and vitamins. This is perfect to use once or twice a week when sallow, dry skin needs a burst of TLC.

Astara Skincare is a botanical line that boasts natural ingredients to heal and nourish skin. I love their philosophy of “providing health, harmony, bal­ance and a youthful glow to the skin.” Astara utilizes things found in nature such as “flower essences, antioxidants and botanical extracts” to bring health and radiance to skin. I would be interested in trying more products from Astara, especially the Blue Flame line to keep the pores clear and smooth and clean.

If you want to try all three masks to suit whatever your skin may need, you can purchase them here.

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