10 Photos To Inspire A Trip To New Orleans


I love to travel and as I’ve mentioned before (especially on Hello Dollface), I have been to many places over the years. It occurred to me quite recently, that I should write about the places I have visited! Photography is a hobby that I enjoy immensely, visiting new places is a passion, why not combine the two? That’s partially why I created this site, born from Hello Dollface.

One of my most treasured vacations is a visit to New Orleans. I had read about this city for a long time and was intrigued by the interesting history. As a matter of fact, my upcoming novel has a few scenes in New Orleans!

Maybe I need to go back and make sure I have the details correct…

We were here only a short time, a few days. Not enough time to fully explore, but enough time to interest me in a return trip.

Here are TEN FACTS about New Orleans to go with these ten photos from this amazing city!




1) New Orleans became a part of the United States in  April 1803.



2) New Orleans grew steadily with the arrival of Americans, French, Creoles, and Africans.



3) By the year 1840, New Orleans was the third most populated city in the US. Large numbers of German and Irish people started settling here.



4) New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz music as well as poker.




5. City Park in New Orleans is bigger than Central Park in New York City.




6) New Orleans is one of the most haunted cities in America! I stayed in a haunted room at the Hotel Monteleone.



7) The St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square is one of the oldest in the USA.




8) Most of the buildings in The French Quarter were influenced by Spanish architecture.



9)  New Orleans is built on a swamp so many cemeteries are above ground tombs.




10) Most bars offer plastic to-go cups, you can drink in the streets. The official  motto is: “Laissez lesbons temps rouler!”

(“Let the good times roll!”)


I can’t stop at only ten photos. Here are a few more!






If you want to learn more about this fun city, here is a link to more facts about New Orleans!


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