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13 Health Benefits of Spirulina – Proven by Science

Spirulina’s a blue-green algae that grows in tropical locations like Hawaii and central Africa – anywhere reasonably close to the equator. For many people, their knowledge of spirulina doesn’t extend beyond the fact that they like to order it in their smoothies. That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing interesting to know about the stuff, though… Read More 13 Health Benefits of Spirulina – Proven by Science

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This review comes to us from Caroline Leavitt I’m a long-time Laszlo afficianado (I have the sea mud soap to prove it), so I was thrilled to try Laszlo’s new Blue Firmarine Lift Serum and Eye Therapy. Made from Spirulina Maxima, a blue green algae packed with over 70 amino acids, proteins, minerals and antioxidants,… Read More LASZLO Blue