Mahalo Skin Care Presents The Unveil



Mahalo Skin Care is one of my favorite brands thanks to the clean ingredients and the integrity of brand owner, Maryna. I’ve been a fan the minute I tried the Indigo Balm, a dreamy, creamy soothing product that I am obsessed with.

Many of the ingredients used in Mahalo products are raw, organic, and come from co-ops and bio-dynamic farms. Maryna grows and processes several ingredients herself. When you receive something from Mahalo, you immediately sense the positive and beautiful intentions as you unwrap your gorgeous products. Made with love!


The latest product is The Unveil and its amazing. It’s a balm that turns creamy and feels soft and smooth on the skin. A little of The Unveil goes a long way and does a beautiful  job of cleansing.

Look at how this product is described:

The silky synergy of biocompatible oils, active anti-inflammatory phytonutrient infusion and antioxidant-rich enzymes create a gentle, yet effective thorough cleanse to exfoliate, soften and smooth, while leaving the moisture barrier of the skin intact and balanced. The UNVEIL cleanser is especially beneficial for nutrient deficient, congested and environmentally stressed skins.



The scent is lovely, a hint of lemon combined with exotic fragonia, ginger, cardamom with pink peppercorn and a whisper of cocoa.  Use a small amount, rubbing all over the face then remove with warm water, I use a soft cloth to wipe it away. Rich and soothing oils and butters help leave skin radiant and clean. And super soft.

Green tea, papaya, willow, avocado are just some of the ingredients that make up The Unveil. Each ingredient is chosen (after research and deliberation) for a purpose and all work together to bring you a relaxing and pleasant experience.

You can learn more and pre-order here!


Blue Hawaii is a nutrient mist that features Kauai grown botanicals, hyaluronic acid, and a synergy of aromatics. It smells like a breeze from the coast of Hawaii, light and floral but delicate too. It delivers a boost of nutrients to skin and compliments The Unveil perfectly. I admit, I’ve been spraying it over myself all day because I love it so much. There is nothing from Mahalo that isn’t nurturing and calming and soothing.

The pre-sale of The Unveil is right now! It will be available officially on December 1. Use code “HelloDollface“ between now and December 1 and receive a complimentary sneak preview of The Blue Hawaii Nutrient Mist with purchase of The UNVEIL Cleanser.




And you guys, if you want a nice red lip here’s how to get it using a clean and non toxic product! Called Red My Lips this little round compact houses a powerful red shade that can be applied lightly like a stain or be a little more heavy handed  for the drama. I’ve used it on my cheeks too. 

It’s made by hand using, “organic moisturizing oils, natural waxes, and collagen amino acids infusion to promote an irresistibly plump, volumized appearance.”

I love the message behind the product:

The Red My Lips tint is inspired by the, a non-profit organization who runs a month-long global red lip-wearing campaign every April where supporters from around the world join together to speak out against rape myths and victim-blaming, demonstrate solidarity and support for all survivors, and raise awareness and funds. In April 2015, over 500,000 people from 99 countries joined the red lips campaign to spark important conversations with people in their lives, challenged rape myths, extended love and support to those who have been victimized.

MAHALO Skin Care is honored to offer our part to empower, support and raise awareness. 20% of all sale proceeds of the Red My Lips tint, including sales beyond the April campaign, will be donated to the

It’s just not possible for me to love Mahalo Skin Care any more! You can go here to read all about Mahalo and their incredible products.

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