It makes natural scents to try Zoe Natural Creations’ wonderful products!


by Caroline Leavitt

 I have a thing about fragrance. I don’t like overpowering smells, or ones that are too sweet, but the right fragrance can be aromatherapy. Zoe Natural Creations sent me a bunch of wonderful products to try and I truly loved them all.

Most lip balms are fruity or sugary and they end up making me feel a little queasy. That’s why I especially  loved the Lemon Rosemary Lip Balm. It has a clean, tart taste, and it almost instantly moisturized my lips.
The Seafoam Soap also has a fresh, clean scent, and is beauty boosted with coconut oil, palm oil and Shea Butter to keep skin glowing, but I really went crazy for the Coffee and Orange Lotion bar, which left my skin silky, and smelled intoxicating.  I couldn’t wait to try the body scrubs, which invigorate and smooth your skin. The Sandalwood Sugar pampered me right down to my toes, and I loved the Peppermint Lime Dead Sea Bath Soak and Body Scrub.
Zoe Natural Creations are really just naturally beautiful.

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