Tools for Gorgeous Spring Beauty


Spring beauty isn’t all about non toxic makeup and skincare! Its the whole package from head to toe, inside and out. I am crazy about my  hair and body, keeping everything healthy and looking good.

I have a few tools to share with you to look your best this spring!

First up is the CHI Arc.  CHI has a great reputation in the  hair care world, their heat styling tools are among the best, in fact I most often hear people talk about the incredible flat-iron more than any other brand.

The CHI Arc is a tool that is super easy to use. You can adjust the temperature to how hot you need it. When its ready, place your hair in the clamp and press a button to go forward or one to go backward. In seconds, your hair is whisked in either direction and a beep lets you know when its time to release the hair- and then- a curl!

For me there was a slight learning curve on where exactly to place the hair and how much to grab but once you get that under control, its a breeze to use.



The Kiss InstaWave is a very similar idea, simply take a piece of hair and choose which direction you want your wave. Let this tool take care of the rest.

It offers two heat settings, high and low. My thin hair only needs a low temp. You only need a few seconds to heat your hair before a decent curl is produced.

Wind a piece of your hair around the wand and the “teeth” will grab onto the strands and wind them around the barrel producing curls.

Depending on how you hold the rod and how much hair you grab, you will end up with loose curls or spirals.


During the summer months when I am wearing sandals a lot, I have to have my feet looking good. Its a MUST. Nothing bothers me more (maybe that’s a slight exaggeration) than chipped toenail polish and gnarly feet.

I like clean, smooth feet and pretty painted nails. I liberally slather oils and lotion on my feet have keep them soft. And lately, I’ve been using the Instrumental Beauty Portable Pedicure, a tool that removes dead, dry skin from feet!

Its beyond simple to use and only takes a few minutes to slough off any dead skin. Its not sharp or tricky to use so even the most accident prone will have success with this tool.

Keep this close all summer long! Go here for more info! 





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