Friday Book Talk: Sarah Jio’s new novel!



This  was not a stellar week for reading. I checked out five books from the library and couldn’t get into any of them. I had several books downloaded to read (a real book is always my first choice) on my ipad and kindle but none of them struck a chord either. Don’t you hate that?

I read some really good ones last week and I long to lose myself in another book soon.

The one book I read that I can recommend to you isn’t out for a while. That’s the bad news. But you can mark it to-read if you are on Goodreads or add to your Amazon wishlist, its due out on May 27.

And that book is… drumroll please…

Goodnight June by Sarah Jio. 

In this novel, the author imagines a relationship between the writer of the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon, Margaret Wise Brown and the fictional character of Ruby, the aunt of the main character June.

When Ruby dies, she leaves her quaint Seattle bookstore to June, a successful but stressed out lawyer who is married to her job. June  plans on selling Bluebird Books quickly and heading back home to New York City.

Once in Seattle, however, June discovers letters  between her Aunt Ruby and Margaret Wise Brown, letters that inspire June and make her take charge of her life and make new choices. The letters also inform her of secrets that Ruby held close to her heart. Its a very sweet story and I could just imagine the cute little bookstore as I was reading Goodnight June. I think you are going to like this book especially if you are familiar with Goodnight Moon!

And…if you are looking for another book, my novel To Marilyn, With Love is available on Kindle right now. You can buy it here.  A book I am anxious to read is A Little Bit of Everything Lost written by my friend Stephanie Elliot, check it out! 

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