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Carefree Organics



Once you begin reading ingredients on your  beauty products, its like opening a Pandora’s Box. And once you know about synthetic chemicals that cause cancer, endocrine issues and other problems, you really can’t turn back. 

I started reading labels on my beauty products and decided I wanted to use only the most pure makeup, skin care and body lotions available. Because you just cannot walk into Target, CVS or WalMart and grab anything, you have to dedicate yourself to learning about ingredients and their tricky names. Everything would be so much easier if you could trust that what you are buying is safe to use!

That brings me to Carefree Organics. This brand is super safe, non toxic, contains organic ingredients and I know that they are dedicated to a high standard.

I tried several products and wow! I’m happy!  Check it out.

Flawless Face Balancing Facial Wash: All I want in a facial wash is something soothing that can remove all makeup and leave my skin soft, not dry. This one works even around the eye area!

Check out the pure ingredients : distilled water, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, potassium hydroxide**, simmondsia chinesis seed (jojoba) oil, melaleuca alternifolia leaf (tea tree) oil, eucalyptus radiata (eucalyptus) oil,pogostemon cablin (patchouli) oil, lavandula officianalis (lavender) oil, rosemarinus officianalis (rosemary) oil, tocopherol (vitamin e) oil.

I’ve mentioned about skipping deodorants with aluminum-the evidence connecting it to breast cancer is compelling. So I seek out aluminum free deodorants like Prime Protection. It contains essential oils and baking soda which fight odors and keep you fresh. Love this- and it works! 

The Tint & Tone  moisturizer is just what you need for a hint of color and moisture. Another winner! Made with argan oil, this product smooths skin without being too oily. It evens out the skin tone and makes your face look flawless but natural which should be the goal of makeup!

Ideal for this time of year when you might want a  bronze glow but not from the sun- try Bronze Betty. Made with cinnamon and cocoa powders, it smells good enough to eat! I use a big brush and very lightly apply this on my face where a tan would appear if I were to try to tan. You can use it all over your body for a subtle glow.

Blushing Belle is  nature’s answer to blush,  created with beetroot and hibiscus! You only need a tiny bit, its very concentrated. You can also add just a dab of this to your favorite clear lip balm for some reddish color on your lips. Or….

…try the Hydrating Lip Tint! It smells delicious, feels super light on the lips and adds a subtle hint of color. Another product that smells good enough to eat.

Last but not least is the Dream Cream eye shadow. Its a creamy shadow that can also be used on brows. If you have sensitive eyes, this may be ideal for you since its quite nurturing and there’s nothing in it that doesn’t come from nature!

I am really excited for you to try this amazing, natural, green and clean brand. I am super thankful that brands like this exist, whether you have skin that tends to be sensitive to chemicals or want to be as clean in your beauty products as possible. You can check everything out by going here! 

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