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Nubian Heritage Soaps

By Caroline Leavitt

Traditional African recipes merge with New York City smarts to create Nubian Heritage soaps

You’ve never seen soaps like these. When Nubian Heritage sent me four delectably pretty soaps, I spent a lot of time simply admiring them for the exquisite colors and the delicate, heady scents. The brainchild of two New York street vendors, the company produces luxurious and natural products from traditional African recipes, and they use only organic and fair trade ingredients. These culturally authentic products are also astonishingly good for you.
Goat’s Milk & Chai Soap with rose extracts, softens, hydrates and conditions your skin. The chai is rich in antioxidants, which helps your skin resist aging. It’s also beauty boosted with mildly astringent rose water and nourishing goat’s milk, to cleanse and soften your skin.
Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Soap with Neem Oil uses hemp the way ancient global healers did to calm inflammation from the skin. Vetiver is known as “the oil of tranquility” and Neem Oil is used in Indian Ayurvedic healing.
Honey * Black Seed Soap with Apricot Oil & Wild Honey, helps when blemishes flare up, something ancient Egyptians including Queen Nefertiti knew. And Black Seed has powerful curative properties.
Finally, I tried Mango Butter Soap with Shea & Cocoa Butters  to rejuvenate, firm and moisturize my skin. Mango Butter’s a staple for the people of the tropical rainforest and it helps promote healthy, gorgeous skin.
If you’re a soap fanatic like me (and who doesn’t love to collect pretty soaps?), you’ll want to try this line. Not only are these soaps beautiful, they beautify your skin. You can find more by going here!

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