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Nail polish is a gray area for me since there are very few clean, truly non- toxic nail polishes. You can read an article I wrote about nail polish being toxic/non-toxic here for some background information. Rather than drive myself crazy with finding super clean 5-free polishes that are out of my price range, I stick with 3-free, give my nails a chance to breathe in between painting them and I care for my  hands with diligent sunscreen use and nurturing lotions.  

You are probably familiar with Salma Hayek’s line of cosmetics, Nuance. I recently tried several of the new nail lacquers which are  3-free: no toluene, formaldehyde or DBP. 

I really, really liked these colors. The new colors for 2014 range from pretty silver to gold to a purple gray shade called Vapor that I love, to a springy pink called Pink Grapefruit.  The navy blue, Nightshadow is perfect for toenails and there’s a deep green color called Prickly Pear that I have on right now.

The polish has a great consistency, its very smooth. Its not thick or goopy, conversely its not thin or runny nor does it leave streaks on the nails. It dries pretty quickly, I did two coats on each nail. The polish lasted several days- keep in mind that my  hands are in and out of dishwater (I moonlight as a professional dish washer…hahaha) and I do various other unglamorous tasks around the house. The polish was going strong after four days.

I checked out the EWG’s Skin Deep site to see where the Nuance Nail Lacquer ranked and its a solid 5, meaning moderate hazard. (go here to see for yourself) As I explain in my article, by its very nature, nail polishes simply cannot be completely clean.

I try to  be very clean and green but am a little loose with nail polish (here’s what else I’m lax about) . Because this one is 3-free, long lasting, high shine, great colors and priced reasonably, I don’t hesitate to recommend it to you and if you see me, chances are I’m wearing it too.

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  1. It’s disturbing, I hope Nuance and the other nail polish companies that use these toxic chemicals, respond immediately and take them out. I hear Zoya nail polish is safe to use. I’m in search of others.

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