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Friday book talk: Against All Grain


This week was terrible for books, I’m not going to lie. I checked three books out of the library and didn’t like any of them. I read an advance readers copy of a new novel that I did not like, a shame because the story had such potential but the whole thing fell flat (in my humble opinion).

Last night I was desperate for something to read and grabbed the latest John Grisham novel that I had picked up for my husband. I haven’t read anything by Grisham in years but so far the book is pretty good! It’s Sycamore Row, in case you wanted to know.

Due to my lack of books to feature, I’m going to  recommend this cookbook called Against All Grain by Danielle Walker. I love paging through cookbooks, I find it relaxing to look at the gorgeous photos and I get inspired by flavor combinations that I’ve never tried before.

Since giving up gluten for stomach issues, I’ve been struggling over what to make for dinner. Pasta was usually my go-to side dish on at least one night and a main dish once a week. Besides that, I baked with flour and used several other items that contained gluten such as sauces, salad dressings, breadcrumbs, chips for snacking and cereal in the mornings.

Luckily there are some really good Paleo cookbooks out there. FYI, Paleo eating does not include  pasta, noodles, bread, pastries, cookies, cereal, waffles, tortillas and so on. I knew that  by seeking out Paleo recipes, I would find things that I could make and eat, and that everyone in the house would (hopefully) enjoy.

Here’s a video of the book:


Danielle describes her recipes as “entirely grain-free, and consequently gluten-free, free of refined sugars, and low to minimal dairy. This site is great for those that follow the Paleo, Primal, SCD, GAPS, and Gluten-Free lifestyles.”

This book is beautifully done, the recipes are pretty simple and the ingredients are things you are familiar with. I have made several items from this cookbook and they’ve turned out great. I love recipes that are EASY and quick. You can get an idea of the recipes by going here and watching the above video.

I HIGHLY recommend this cookbook whether you are Paleo or not!

Happy Reading!

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