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Desert Island beauty products



Let’s say you were stranded on a desert island for a while and could only take ONE of each of your favorite products? What would you take and why?

When I’m done with my list, I’m going to tag a few other green beauty lovers, I want to see what they’d bring!

Its really hard to pare down. When I go on vacation, I always struggle with only bringing a few things. My beauty items weigh more than a weeks worth of clothes and that’s a fact. I bring dry shampoo and regular, full sized shampoo and conditioner plus hair oil for the dry ends of my locks, full sized hair spray…and don’t get me started on shoes. Last time we went on vacation I had about eight pairs for seven nights.

Here we go: 

SUNSCREEN: Ava Anderson Sunscreen. I use it daily- can be used on the face and body. I am signed up to sell Ava and if you want to buy it click the link.  Its really, really good.

SHAMPOO: Acure Organics! Any of them.

CONDITIONER: Acure Organics, the volumizing conditioner is amazing.

FACIAL CLEANSER: Josh Rosebrook! I need a never ending supply of this delicious, nurturing cleanser. The best.

BODY CLEANSER: Skin & Bones– the scent is so good, I cannot get enough.

TONER: Hands down, Blissoma!

MOISTURIZER/OIL: I cannot decide but these are small enough to  bring them all…. so I’m going to say Living Libations  Sea Buckthorn Best Skin Ever, Odacite Rosehip Ylang Serum.

EYE CREAM: 100% Pure Coffee Bean

BODY OIL/LOTION: Osmia Organics Sunset Body Oil. The smell is heaven in a bottle.

PRIMER: Pur Minerals Peach Primer

FOUNDATION: Living Nature 

EYE SHADOW: I’m going to skip it and bring an extra lip gloss!

EYE LINER: W3LL People in black

MASCARA: Pur Minerals Big Blinc

BLUSH: Vapour Organic Beauty Multi-Use Blush in Spark

LIPSTICK: Red Apple Lipstick– gluten free!

LIPGLOSS:  I’m going to sneak all of my RMS Beauty lip shines.

SCENT: I’d  bring my Ylang Ylang Essential Oil AND my perfume oil from Marble & Milkweed which matches so nicely with the Osmia Organics Body Oil I mentioned.

I would also bring my shaker cup and Greens First Powder, my many vitamins, a tub of Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter, my natural peanut butter, Sahale Almonds, and an endless supply of organic fruits and vegetables. And a huge tub of Coconut Oil, of course.

For this Desert Island Beauty post, I want to hear from everyone who has a Green Beauty Blog! There are so many good ones- I follow lots of them.

I’m tagging The Green Product Junkie, Naturally Paula, Genuine Glow, Peace on the Skin & Peace Within, and Beauty by Britanie! Tag me back and mention Hello Dollface Naturally so I can read your Desert Island Beauty must haves!





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