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Best Hairspray to Hold Your Style


Hairspray: Hair Spray (also hair lacquer or spritz) is a common cosmetic product  that is sprayed onto hair to keep it stiff or in a certain style. The spray can be dispensed from a pump or aerosol spray nozzle.

If there’s one hair product I cannot live without its hairspray. Without it, my hair falls forward into my face, my curls don’t stay in place and my entire coif is a mess. I’ve been using hairspray as long as I can remember. I grew up in New Jersey and hairspray has just been a way of life for me!

I set off in search of natural hairsprays recently and was underwhelmed. From the small selection I tried, I found that the more natural, green and clean sprays left my hair feeling sticky and heavy. Unfortunately my hair grew frizzier throughout the day!

WHY? I can’t help but wonder if hairspray, like nail polish, is just toxic by its very nature. All the nasty chemicals work to hold hair in place. While there  haven’t been any outstanding green alternatives (that I have tried), I am certain this will change in the very near future. There are lots of homemade hairspray recipes online but I admit it… I like an aerosol!

What makes hairspray so toxic? Hairspray is by far the most dangerous beauty product to the ozone and the environment.  First, there are many VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in hairspray, which cause harm to the ozone.  (source)

Hairspray typically contains polymers, solvents, propellants, acetates and other substances found in heavy-duty glues that can damage hair over time. The solvents and propellants alone may be based on substances such as chlorine, fluorine and carbon. 

Feeling sad about not discovering any green aerosol hairsprays, I went searching for high quality hairspray that would not wreck my hair. I found some reputable  brands that did a great job locking my hair in place.  I skipped over drugstore hairsprays because for me, they have the tendency to dull the color of my locks and leave them dry and crispy. I would advise you to invest in a good salon quality spray like the ones I talk about below.

Let’s look!

Pureology is a brand I used daily before going green. Now I just use their hairsprays. There’s  the Strengthening and Control spray, which  offers medium hold, no water to frizz up your locks, gives a nice finish, doesn’t make hair look stiff.

The Supreme Control really holds  hair in place, does not feel sticky or weigh  hair down.  Both sprays are easy to brush out. Pureology is a very good brand. I would love to see them go green!

Rene Furterer Vegetal Finishing Spray smells so good thanks to grapefruit, lemon, and lily of the valley! Besides that, this one doesn’t weigh down my fine strands of hair, gives an undetectable hold and comes out strong so you only need a couple of blasts to set your hair.  I know this one is used often on models. It’s a widely used favorite!

Joico  offers some nice sprays too. I really  like the Humidity Blocker for my hair- especially during rainy weather because this prevents my naturally frizzy locks from going out of control. It also helps keep  my hair voluminous and full. Don’t you hate it when you leave the house with full hair and an hour later, hair is flat? This prevents that from happening.

The Design Works spray is very light, I had to touch my hair to make sure the spray was doing its job. If you like a super light hairspray that adds light shine, try this one.

If you have tried a green and clean hairspray that works as well as the ones I mentioned, let me know! 




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