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Be Sun Safe the scientific way with Harmonized H20 UV protection

by Caroline Leavitt

Osmosis Skincare’s UV Neutralizer Harmonized Waters is a frequency enhanced water formula that contains vibrational messages that somehow get into your skin to restore healthy cellular activity.

 These messages neutralize harmful UV rays that crisp your skin, and it safely allows for up to 30 times more sun exposure, so you can actually achieve a defense comparable to an SPF 30 before the sun even touches your skin.. You ingest this product before you go out into the sun. It comes in a tan enhancing or no tan-enhancing formula (for people like me, who like to stay pale as parchment.)
From the Harmonized H20 website:

“How do frequencies affect the body?

There are several studies that show the positive and negative effects of different frequencies in our environment. A common frequency that is put off by many electronic devices is 60 hz. In excess, which is almost unavoidable in today’s electronic age, it has been shown to affect the immune system amongst other things. In contrast, studies show that 10hz has positive effects on the brain and relaxation.

The reality is that every cell in your body (and everything in nature) has its own unique frequency, very much like a fingerprint. Your body functions by communicating messages through this energetic pathway. It seems odd to think that an antibiotic or an herbal supplement likely function by emanating their “frequency essence” rather than actually mechanically “unlocking a receptor”, but that is likely the case. That would explain what has never been explained; how do small amounts of herbs/drugs magically find their way to “the problem area” in our body after ingestion? It is the equivalent of dropping a blind/deaf/mute person in the middle of New York and asking them to find an address….and yet they do! Just as a tuning fork makes specific substances vibrate, frequencies only impact other frequencies in that spectrum.”

This is truly the science of beauty! I can’t wait for a warm, sunny day here in frigid New York to try this out. For more on this interesting water, head over to the Harmonized H20 website where you will find specific waters to help whatever it is that ails you!

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