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You need to try Living Nature right now!

living nature

I am really excited to bring you some information about Living Nature, a green and clean brand from New Zealand! This was a brand that was previously unheard of to me and I stumbled upon it, boy am I glad I did! 

This non-toxic line of cosmetics and skincare has been around since 1987. They do not test on animals or use toxic ingredients. In fact, they clearly state:  If there’s any question about an ingredient’s safety, we simply will not use it.

Living Nature uses the best of what Mother Nature has to offer including  essential oils, citrus oils, flower extracts (such as calendula) as well as Evening primrose oil, Carrot oil, Jojoba, Nut oils, Cocoa butter, Shea Butter, Rosehip, and many more.

But enough about the talk, how good are the products? In one word: VERY.


I was surprised at how well the Foundation performed. A good foundation is tricky! Here’s what I consider: What is the consistency? How well does it blend? Does it look natural? Does it last all day?

The lightweight mineral foundation is not heavy, its quite light and blends well. It looks very  natural and adds a hint of radiance to the skin. It does last all day with no need for touch ups.

The Mascara is also quite amazing. I like a mascara that looks natural  but makes my lashes look thick and long- its a tall order I know. This one from Living Nature is fantastic! Not only does it add rich color but it doesn’t clump and washes off easily. Made with Halloysite clay, you will love how voluminous yet natural your lashes look!

The Eye Shadow is smooth, velvet in texture and blends nicely. You can purchase the eye shadow compact and add the colors you want. Gentle to the eyes and made with minerals, this eye shadow is made with some organic ingredients and lasts for hours!

I love a good lip color and this one is smooth, creamy, soft- I’m talking about Precious by Lorraine Downes.  (If you are asking “Who is Lorraine Downes?”  I can tell you that she is  Living Nature’s Brand Ambassador and New Zealand’s  Miss Universe (1983).  Sidenote: I want to be a brand ambassador too!

But the color! Its a soft nude-pink. The lipsticks from Living Nature are made with natural pigments and waxes. I used to have low expectations for natural lipsticks,  expecting them to be chalky but this is as creamy as can be!

Onto the skincare… I tried this little kit which is perfect for travel! The Skin Mini’s contains Vitalising Cleanser, Extra Hydrating Toning Gel and Nourishing Day Cream. I love how gentle the products are, I am always searching for a nice creamy cleanser that won’t dry my skin but will remove makeup. This one contains  Active Manuka Honey which is naturally antimicrobial.

Next is the Extra Hydrating Toning Gel which is perfect for nourishing dry or sunburned skin. It is made with Active Manuka Honey and Larch Tree extract to repair dehydrated skin. The Nourishing Day Cream is a soothing cream that  moisturizes and hydrates. Key ingredients include Active Manuka Honey as native antioxidant  and Totara Extract  which “effectively neutralizes damaging free radicals.”

I have been using all of the minis very sparingly as they are the perfect travel size and I want to take them along on my next adventure. I’ve been using the foundation, eye shadows, lipstick and mascara with reckless abandon however, because they are AWESOME!

You can find loads more products and information by going here! 



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