So You Want To Start A Blog?


I’ve been at this blogging thing for a long time now. I started out writing celebrity gossip but grew tired of being snarky and negative and chose to delve into reviewing books and interviewing authors, a real passion of mine.

From there I started Hello Dollface because I just love all things beauty. As you know, I changed Hello Dollface to be a natural, green beauty blog after I learned about toxins in personal care products. I still do my book reviews because I am a hard core reader and author. I love mixing what I am deeply interested in from green beauty to wellness and nutrition to books.

From blogging for so long, I have some words of advice if you are considering a blog of your own. Let’s get to it! 

1.  find what you are passionate about. If you are halfheartedly running your blog, readers will know. The more detailed you can be, the better. When I was running HD as an ‘everything beauty blog’, the focus was so wide that I felt lost in the shuffle. Now that I have a more direct, clear mission (natural beauty and wellness) I feel a lot more focused. I am really passionate about what I write about. What’s your passion?

2. dedicate time to your blog. Show up everyday and be prepared to WORK. Blogging is work. Most days you will find me sitting here on the computer working. I’m researching products, trying to understand ingredients, finding new brands, reading up on wellness information. I love it but its work. Email is time consuming but necessary especially emailing to say THANK YOU. Dedicate time to answer emails every day.

3. be positive! When I was writing the celebrity gossip blog, I was getting loads of hits- over twenty thousand a day and more. However, I felt terrible ragging on celebrities even though I tried to be fun loving about it. When I started reviewing books and later, makeup, I made up my mind that I’d never write about something I didn’t like. Why put the negative energy out there? Its all positive.

4. create interesting content. Be interesting and entertaining.  This goes along with being passionate. Let your love and passion come through in your writing. Find a topic you are interested in, or something you know a lot about. Inspire others.

5. build a network. This is hard for me but I’m slowly doing it and I want to encourage you to do it as well. Find others who write about similar topics and friend them, follow them on Twitter, engage with them. Read their blogs, comment kindly. Become friends.

6. don’t expect free stuff.   I do get free stuff to review sometimes and its great. I’m super grateful when that happens. But understand that people aren’t sending you things because you’re a good person, they are sending you products hoping you will love it so much that you write about it and discuss it with your readers. Its your responsibility to follow up, to give thanks, to establish a relationship with PR people and business owners.

Never expect that you will get loads of free products all the time, or even at all. You have to do the work first and  really solidify yourself as a reputable source. When I started reviewing books, I was buying them myself or getting them from the library until I established my blog as a credible and worthwhile place where readers could come and learn about books and read my reviews.

7. post frequently. I try to post everyday, even working on the weekends to prepare blog posts for the following week. There’s nothing worse then checking out a blog that’s rarely updated!

That’s it, in a nutshell. If I had to offer one piece of advice it would be WORK  HARD. Two pieces of advice? WORK HARD and BE GRATEFUL.

Do you have anything else to add to my list? Share with me!



1 thought on “So You Want To Start A Blog?

  1. Great advice, Cindy. Thanks for sharing your insights! I’ve been “ghost” blogging for a while on behalf of my clients – brands, organizations, individuals. However, I just recently started my own blog and I’m really enjoying it so far. I could’ve started my own site years ago but I’m glad I waited until I figured out #1 on your list – what I’m passionate about.

    Cheers, Meredith

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