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Intelligent Nutrients: Jasmine Absolute




I am a huge fan of the brand Intelligent Nutrients. I’ve tried several items and have been duly impressed! These are high quality products that contain organic ingredients and are cruelty free. Every time I pop over to the website, I find something new that I want to try. I have a long list!

Lately I’ve been on the hunt for non toxic fragrances. As you know by now, companies can easily hide toxic ingredients in this simple word on a label: Fragrance. Because a fragrance is a trade secret, companies do not have to list what exactly makes up the fragrance. Could be hundreds of synthetics, we don’t know. Which is why I try to look for reputable products from companies like Intelligent Nutrients.

I came across their Jasmine Absolute and…WOW. Its as if someone pressed thousands of jasmine petals into a bottle. This is for die-hard jasmine lovers like myself. Not for the faint of heart!

Here are the details: 

“This rare aroma is made from masterfully distilled, sustainably wildcrafted Jasmine Sambac flowers from India. Reminiscent of standing in a field of jasmine during its full bloom at night, this intoxicating aroma applies in a deep, heady form. Formulated with food grade, harmonically made and certified organic ingredients.”

Housed in a narrow bottle with a roller ball applicator, this scent is to be used lightly. A dab on your pulse points will do the trick. At first its quite strong but it dries down to a lighter scent.

If you are a jasmine-aholic like I am, you will find some goodies by going here.  I’m very intrigued with this fragrance and would like to give the sandalwood a whirl too. More items to add to my every growing list of green beauty must haves!

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