Gluten free? Paleo? Two cookbooks for you


Between having to avoid gluten and trying to eat healthy (not a lot of meat, lots of plants, no sugar etc), I’ve been finding it a real challenge to buy groceries, cook meals and go out to eat. When you start getting into healthy eating and being an avid label reader, you see that there’s not much by way of packaged meals, sauces, dressings, cookies, crackers etc. that you can eat. In fact, being able to not consume gluten along with trying to eat a plant based diet forces me to make everything in my own kitchen. 

I’ve always been pretty good about label reading, I didn’t want my kids to consume too much sugar or chemicals- that was my top priority but now I have to be super careful because one bit of gluten and I’m sick for days.  You’d be surprised where gluten hides…in salad dressings and sauces, soups and even things like tortilla chips which I wrongly assumed were always made from corn, not wheat.

I’ve been looking for inspiration from the Paleo way of eating, which I’ve talked about before. I love the use of fresh vegetables and good quality meats and poultry to create filling meals. Paleo is pretty simple in terms of how and what to eat but I am not strictly Paleo, choosing to eat things like  black beans and peanuts which are gluten free but not considered Paleo. You can gain inspiration from the Paleo diet but not be hard core about it.

One cookbook that totally inspired me is Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong. Not only is this book gorgeous to page through but the recipes are delicious and not what I usually cook. I like adding new stuff to my boring repertoire. I had been stalking the Nom Nom Paleo site for days, reading every recipe until I got the book! There are loads of tasty, filling, interesting  meals and side dishes to make with no gluten in sight.

I have been talking about this book for weeks now. I loved the scones that I made with almond flour and apples. After not eating a scone for many months, it was a treat to finally have one! YUM. Nom Nom Paleo also introduced me to new spice blends, like the African spice called Berbere.  The book is a visual treat with mouth watering recipes on every page. I highly recommend this!



The other book I’ve been reading  is  Gluten Free Everyday by Robert Landolphi. It contains loads of recipes that are strictly gluten free (NOT Paleo) with ingredients that are easy to find, nothing that you haven’t heard of before. The meals are simple but tasty.  The author gives a lot of information in the beginning of the book about gluten free cooking and the variety of flours to have on hand so you can still bake.  I learned a lot by reading it- don’t skim through, sit and read!

My favorite section in this book is the main courses. I am always looking for EASY, simple recipes that I can throw together in under 45 minutes and there are several that fit the bill here.

Robert Landolphi is a gluten free chef so he knows a thing or two about how to make a meal. You can find the book here.

Are you Paleo? Gluten Free? If you have cookbook recommendations, lets hear them!


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