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Recently Paula from Naturally, Paula tagged me in a beauty tag posts (click here for hers!). Paula, thank you for tagging me. I saw everyone else doing this and felt left out. That feeling stems from a childhood of being picked last in gym class. I have deep rooted issues with this clearly.  

Want to see what’s in my makeup bag?  I always like looking at the inside of celebrities purses in the magazines because I’m naturally curious! But we aren’t looking at my entire bag, just the makeup part which is the most interesting! 

Let’s get down to it. 

A comb: for wayward strands.

Band Aid Heel and Band Aids: I’m looking at you Nike Air sneakers.

CV Skinlabs balm: for lips, hands, any where there’s a bit of dryness.

chewable Bonnine tablets: I get very nauseous when I’m in the car as a passenger. I keep these in my makeup bag always.

RMS lip shine: There’s always one in my bag! I love them.

BUXOM lip gloss: this bright pink goes well with the RMS lip shine. BUXOM isnt the cleanest but I like it and Im going to use it occasionally.

two Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers: I like Burt’s Bees a lot and these lip shimmers are great. They never leave my makeup bag!

Tweezers: when I’m waiting in the car for my daughter to get out of school, I tweeze my brows. The light in the car is the best.

Holiday Inn Express pen: I have no idea! How did that get in there?

Dental Floss: I never want to have something sticking in my tooth like a chia seed or piece of lettuce.

Nail file: don’t you  hate it when you need one and don’t have it? I keep a spare in my bag.

Multiple bobby pins: why do I have so many? If its windy outside, I wind my hair into a little bun. Same with ponytail elastics. I hate hair in my face.

Boscia blotting papers: my skin used to be super oily so I had to have these with me. Its not as oily but I keep them close just in case I get a shine.

Blush and brush: off the top of my head I don’t know this blush brand. Its not green or clean. But I like the travel size of it and the color pink is really pretty. I use this as a touch up. I need to find a travel size of a non toxic powder blush!

Southwest Airlines peanuts: from my recent travel. I tossed them in here and will eat them when I’m out and about and hungry!

What’s in your makeup bag?






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