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Best HOT Pink Lip colors

hot pink


For the longest time I was strictly a shimmery pink lip gloss girl. Then I got away from the shimmer and moved into neutral glosses. Lately however, I’ve been loving a hot pink lip. Important tip: choose pinks that are  blue- based because they make teeth look whiter.

One day I realized that I was carrying around every single hot pink color I owned! This has got to stop, I thought. But really, I love these bright punchy colors. I wear them alone, I mix them together. I like a pink cheek like RMS Beauty’s Demure or Revolution Organics Blushed, then a little eyeliner and lots of mascara!

Here are my go-to hot pink colors:

Ilia Beauty in Neon Angel: I thought about this long and hard before I bought it. I saw the color on several other natural beauty bloggers and LOVED it however, the ones who posted photos were all brunettes. As a pale blonde, I worried it would be too much. Its pretty bold and I do love it but if I want to tame the color, I just dab on a little bit of …

RMS Lip Shine in Sublime. Described as “A bright and modern fuchsia pink shade” this creamy color is shiny and hydrating. Looks great alone or mixed with other shades! Love love love RMS Lip Shines!

Red Apple lip gloss in Hot Mess: this is my newest lip color and I love the bright pink color and long lasting wear of it. Gluten free, Red Apple Mint 2 Be glosses feature a spearmint essence which makes it look, feel and smell pretty! This is a fabulous brand with loads of pretty lip colors.

Gabriel Zuzu Luxe lip palette in Shades of Hope feature four pink colors and these are bold, long lasting and soft. I was surprised at how long the colors lasted and how pigmented they are.

I know Buxom Lip Gloss isn’t as green and clean as we’d like but this mineral based gloss called Kanani is a perfect bright pink color! Not too dark or light, with high shine- I love it when I want a burst of color with a shimmer.

Also loving Revolution Organics Lip Gloss in Truth which is a hot pink shade that is shiny and on the sheer side. I love the natural ingredients that this brand uses! Im also a big fan of their cheek colors!

When you want to be BOLD which gloss and lipstick do you reach for? If you are not a natural green beauty, you can check out L’Oreal Paris lipgloss in Pink Topaz! I found it in a drawer and remembered how much I liked it before I want all natural. Now I use it sparingly!



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