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Beauty Tools You Need Now


There are some tools that I use over and over again. I pack them when I go on vacation and I’d never want to be away from them. Some, I am only new to using while others I’ve been devoted to for years. They make life easier, makeup application smoother and keep me feeling well groomed.

Let’s look!

Bobby Pins: What would I do without them? These keep wayward strings of hair out of  my face, I can pin back my hair easier, and almost daily I wind my hair in a bun and secure with two pins. Tip: the wavy side goes against your scalp to hold hair in place. I thought it was the other way around. I was wrong. You can buy these to match your hair color too! And they even come in small sizes.

Clarisonic Brush: I use this a few times a week to deep clean my skin. I love how its so gentle, it cleans well and feels like a mini facial. You can take it in the shower and one charge lasts a long time (a few weeks). Use it to exfoliate with some gentle grains or a scrub.

Wide Tooth Comb: I have to have this! I’ve used one for so many years. When I get out of the shower and my hair is wet, I use a plastic comb or pick to get the knots out of my hair. Then I can spray a little leave- in conditioner and begin to blow my hair dry.

Body Brush: Quite recently I started doing some dry body brushing and I’m kind of addicted. I think if you are going to start doing this, you must get a great bush. Mine is from Ginger Chi- I highly recommend it! I do it every night before my shower and I feel invigorated yet relaxed. Try it! (read all about Dry Body Brushing here)

White Face Cloth: I have a few muslin cloths for removing makeup. They are really soft and are only ever used for my face. A regular washcloth can be a little rough so this is perfect. I love using it with a creamy cleanser to remove all makeup, even mascara.

Dr. Sponge: I love a konjac sponge! These cool sponges will cleanse and exfoliate, plus it feels really good! On the days I don’t use my Clarisonic, I use my Dr. Sponge. (here’s my original review)

A good blush brush and a good concealer brush: I don’t know how I ever used the blush brushes that came with the compact from the drugstore! I now appreciate a good, well made (cruelty free of course) set of brushes.

The ones that I most often use are from Bare Escentuals (not an affiliate link). If I had to choose just one brush to invest in, I would pick a concealer brush. Using a small, soft, narrow  brush helps by allowing you to get all around your eyes easily. I use mine every day along with my RMS Beauty UnCoverup. The blush brush just gives a more natural look and a good brush will blend your blush nicely so you don’t end up looking streaky.

Beauty Blender: You can find these sponge like tools everywhere and its worth it to buy one. I use it to blend foundation. I dab foundation all over my face then blend away with this nifty tool.

Eyelash Curler: I used to be afraid that if I used an eyelash curler that I would pull my lashes out. That may be true if you use it with mascara on your lashes. I love the look of my lashes slightly curled, I feel it opens up my eyes just a bit and makes me look more awake.

Kabuki brush: This is the perfect tool if you use a powder foundation. I have one by Mineral Fusion that I like. I use a kabuki brush to apply it. I think its better than using a little puff because you have more control over the powder and like with the blush brush, you can blend really well.

Tweezers: Self explanatory! You know the best place to tweeze your brows? In the car. Something about the natural light I think. Get a good pair that are slanted for the best tweezing action. You can’t go wrong with the Tweezerman brand. I have a few different tweezers and I keep one in my  makeup bag for emergency grooming.

Nail Clippers: Again, I don’t think I need to explain! I personally cannot stand long nails, toes or fingers. Get a good pair and keep them close. Same with nail files. And floss picks. And razors.

What are your must have tools?

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