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These are a few of my favorite things: winter essentials


It barely feels like winter here in southern California where the temperatures have been hovering around 80! I really do enjoy snuggling up at home, wearing soft comfy clothes and reading or cooking. I love a fire in the fireplace, a furry blanket, my dogs cuddled up with me and the sound of the rain on the roof. Instead we have sunshine, warm temps, flip-flops and a fan spinning overhead.

This sickness (bronchitis, sinus infection, never-ending coughing and bad headaches) has really put me in the mood to be home, in my room with my ipad and a stack of books. This has not been the winter of my dreams. However there are some things I’ve been loving and I am focusing on the positives!

With that in mind, here are my winter essentials:

1. Alaffia Nourishing Shampoo and Africa’s Secret

First, I love the brand’s mission: “Alaffia was created to help West African communities become sustainable through the fair trade of indigenous resources.”

Second, I love the fact these products use the power of shea butter, one of my favorite ingredients, for its hydrating and skin/hair softening properties. I tried the Shea & Honey nourishing shampoo and loved how gentle and hydrating it was to my  hair. It contains Shea Butter, African Wild Honey, Rooibos Tea plus essential oils.

The Alaffia skin cream called Africa’s Secret is a great multi-purpose product. I’ve used this on my dry hands and feet and I really like it. What I LOVE is that it contains ten simple but effective natural ingredients: Shea Butter – Coconut Oil- Beeswax – African Wild Honey- Neem Oil – Baobab Oil – Sesame Oil- Royal Jelly- Bee Pollen- Bee Propolis. You can go here for a full explanation of the benefits of these wonderful natural ingredients. A little bit goes a long way. I even used it on my chapped lips.

2. NOW UltraSonic Oil Diffuser

I bought this hoping it would help with my nasty cold and cough. Its super easy to use, doesn’t take up much room, is really quiet and does a nice job of creating an aromatherapy mist. You can use any essential oils in here, you just need a few drops. I have it close to my bed so I can breathe in some essential oils while sleeping. This is not very expensive, around $34 and is very simple to use and clean. I ordered mine from For more info go here!

3. Germ Fighter by Plant Therapy

I am giving essential oils a whirl hoping to get rid of my sickness and also keep my family from getting sick. I was researching essential oils and as I mentioned the other day, Thieves Oil is highly recommended for colds and the flu. I found this oil  by Plant Therapy, called Germ Fighter. I rub a few drops on the bottom of my feet with a carrier oil (I use avocado because I find it super nourishing) and I’ve been putting a few drops in my oil diffuser.

I really detect the scent of cinnamon but this oil is a combo of Lemon (Citrus limonum), Clove Bud (Syzygium aromaticum L.), Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomun cassia blume), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiata), and Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis). Read all about it here.

4. Jersey Drawstring Pants from Old Navy

My at-home uniform is either black leggings or these pants from Old Navy. They are super soft, very comfy and I wear them all the time. If you wanted to use them as pajamas, they are so comfortable that you could sleep in them. Not restrictive at all. I took them with me on vacation, I wear them almost every day and I am eyeing up the black pair (I have the gray). Love them. Check them out!

5. TOMS Nepal boots

I saw these in a magazine, tried them on at Nordstrom then went home to think about them. At $114, they are not cheap. I ordered them online and was happy that I did because I wear them a lot. These have to be the most comfortable boots I have ever owned, most comfortable shoes for that matter.

I am a  big fan of TOMS, I have several pairs that I wear constantly. I like to be comfortable and having happy feet is very important to me! With a soft fleece lining, these keep feet warm. There’s also decent arch support, good for the lower back. They are true to size and fit perfectly. You can find more about these and other TOMS by going here.

What are your winter essentials? What are your favorite things this month?





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