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Let’s talk about PALEO




With my stomach issues, I decided to go gluten free and I definitely noticed a difference since I stopped eating wheat. Looking for healthy recipes that are gluten free and easy to make and that my whole family will eat and enjoy has been a challenge. 

The more I read about gluten and grains in general, the more I wanted to stop eating any kind of wheat product.  I have been cooking variations of meals to suit my family who are not GF. That sounds complicated but its not. For example, I’d make myself quinoa pasta and make them regular pasta and use the same sauce. Or I’d serve a side of bread for everyone else and I’d double up on salad. I’d have wheat free oatmeal while they ate waffles. Its not rocket science although it is a lot of dishes.

The deeper I went into a gluten free lifestyle, the more I began to see how grains are not so great for any of us. My motto is normally: moderation! But now I wonder if my kids would have better concentration in school and more energy if we went grain free. I’d like to give it a whirl!

In my deep research, I started reading more about the Paleo way of eating.  The Paleo diet is about balancing your proteins with vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. No dairy, no grains. So…no cheese! No black beans, rice, peanuts or any other legumes which was news to me. I’m always learning!

Reading about Paleo has been eye opening. There are so many awesome, exciting recipes to try that are Paleo in nature. The infographic above details the basic premise of eating Paleo which is pretty simple.

So why go Paleo? Here’s a great answer from

“We’ve replaced wholesome, clean plant matter and animal foods with a high carbohydrate, low nutrient, high toxic chemical diet and we’ve gotten sick. We’ve shrunken in size, our bones are osteoporotic, we have more cancer, obesity and diabetes, an alarming incidence of heart disease, inflammation of all kinds, skin problems and the list goes on.  And on. We are sick. But our Paleolithic ancestors were not and the hunter gatherer tribes that still exist are not.”

After cooking almost every night for the eighteen years that I’ve been married, it takes a lot for me to get excited about cooking. Generally, its something that I do without a whole lot of enthusiasm. However the other day I started looking up Paleo recipes and I felt a little thrill. I have a giant shopping list next to me and an order from VitaCost for almond flour and coconut flour and Im ready to rock the Paleo.

Here are the sites that got me happy about cooking:

Elana’s Pantry this link is to the meal plan so you (and I) can get an idea of what a Paleo way of eating looks like.

Mastering the Art of Paleo Cooking

A great guide for going Paleo here

Nom Nom Paleo (I’ve been on this site non stop for the past 24 hours)

I’ve also been pinning up a storm over on Pinterest which has a wealth of Paleo recipes! (find me here and let’s be friends)

I don’t know that I will be totally and completely one hundred percent Paleo (I do like feta cheese, hummus and sour cream now and then) but the recipes I’ve found have really opened up a new way of eating, gluten free and natural, and I love it.

Are you Paleo? What are your favorite blogs and recipes? Tell me!

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