It’s “No Buy January”… say what?




When I heard about “No Buy January” from Naturally Paula (click here for the post), my first thought was, “Count me in!” then after the dust settled from my visions of saving money, I backtracked for a minute.

No spending.

For a month.

I really delight in small treats for myself and during my vacation decided I would buy a pair of knee high boots. I keep thinking of how cute they’d be with skinny jeans and a black long sleeved shirt.

Oh but that’s right, its No Buy January.

The boots can go on my Wish List along with natural makeup and organic skincare, new sweaters, a pair of new jeans and Etsy jewelry. And the list goes on because there is always something I want, a little something to lift my spirits or make me feel better when I’m in a funk.

No Buy January means I can write all I want about the things that I want but I cannot buy them. This is actually a good thing. Its a break from the hyper spending I did in December. Its a test in willpower and a time to have gratitude for what I do have which is A LOT.

Obviously I can buy food and necessities for my family but I am challenging myself to save some money and give consideration to using up what I already have. For me its a break in the spending cycle. I tend to fall into the habit of buying what I want whether I need it or not (and usually I don’t). Many times this spending pattern is dictated by my mood. My mood is set to STRESSED most of the time!

Let me clarify lest you think I have a spending issue- its not like I’m hitting up Neiman Marcus everyday, I am talking about a sweater from Old Navy, jeans from the Gap, maybe some online shopping here and there. A trip to SuperTarget just isn’t complete without a stroll through the clothes section, am I right? And let’s not even start on all the green, clean, natural, non-toxic beauty products I’m longing for right this moment. Doesn’t RMS Beauty have a new cheek color? Will I ever get to try Roots Rose Radish? When will I get to test Studio 78 Paris?

But it will have to wait!

Could you give up spending money on yourself for one month? What would be your biggest challenge? 





2 thoughts on “It’s “No Buy January”… say what?

  1. I was longing for nothing, until today! My new green mascara didn’t work out as planned. And my not clean base coat (nail polish) was an utter fail. So if I wasn’t on a spending ban I would have ordered a cleaner base and top coat right there and a mascara. Ah, but I have 22 days to hold out and now research away. That’s a good thing, right…

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