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Healthy in 2014! What are your goals?




Every year I aim to be healthier than the year before. Last year was a big year as I switched this blog to a non toxic, green beauty blog and made big changes in my personal beauty routine too. I am committed to keeping that up and being ever so diligent about seeking green, clean beauty and skincare to share with you.

In 2014, one of my goals is trying to add more cardio to my fitness routine, even for just fifteen heart pounding minutes a few times a week. Thankfully there are lots of good workout videos on YouTube to help get me in gear.  I prefer the gentle and calming stretches of yoga but I know I need to melt some fat and tone up. There’s whole other topic for another day- how we feel about our bodies. But I digress!

2014 health goals include:

Buy more organic fruits and vegetables. I buy them here and there but I must make the effort to seek out more organic products. I learned how pesticides can leak into produce and contaminate them and this doesn’t make me happy. Until I can create my own garden, I’m going to have to really look for good deals on organic items. Check out this article on organic foods!

Be a conscious label reader. I’m pretty good about this but can be better. The other day I was at the store and almost bought a bag of popped rice chips. I turned the bag over and read the ingredients carefully, not liking the sound of all the chemicals. I put the chips back and bought some peanuts instead. I’m not a big fan of  food dyes, words I cannot pronounce, or MSG in my food.

Seek out healthy recipes, focusing on plant based meals. Typically I don’t cook with lots of meats and when I do, I buy them from the local farmers market and Trader Joes. I cook every night, usually something with ground beef, maybe turkey sausage and chicken then a vegetarian night. In the past I’ve done a lot with pasta.

Now that I am gluten free, I’m skipping traditional pasta in favor of quinoa pasta, I hope my family doesn’t mind the switch! I’m really interested in finding more family friend recipes that are full of flavor, satisfying and will keep everyone full and happy.

Learn more about Gluten free baking. I love to bake! Before going gluten free, I’d whip up muffins and quick breads for breakfast but not so much anymore. Honestly, I cannot see myself in the kitchen mixing up a variety of flours to make a single gluten free recipe. For this busy mom, I need EASY gluten free baking recipes, not ones that call for a mixture of exotic ingredients. I’ve heard great things about Cup4Cup flour but at $16.99 a bag, that’s a steep price to pay! I’d like to learn how to master gluten free  baking this year. Any tips?

When making goals for a new year, don’t set yourself up for failure- I think this is why people don’t succeed at their New Years resolutions. Instead of announcing that I’m going to run a marathon (like that would ever happen!) I say that I’m going to add a few cardio workouts to my routine. I don’t say I’m going to be vegetarian, I say I will incorporate more plant based meals to my diet. Tiny, bite sized goals!

For optimum health, we all can:


Find time to relax

Spend time in nature/fresh air

Skip junk food, processed foods

Stamp out negative thoughts 

Drink more green tea which has many health benefits

Eat more fat, what? yes- healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil and nut butters

Find your passion, a hobby, do something that makes you happy and challenges you!

These are simple goals that I think I can tackle. What are some of your health goals for this new year? How will you improve your health in 2014?


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