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Have you tried Dr. Sponge?




This is the coolest thing ever! Dr. Sponge is a brand that features eco friendly skincare sponges and you can get them in different varieties depending on your skin type (original, charcoal, pearl powder, green tea, lavender, aloe vera, lycopene).

What it is: made from Konjac, these sponges exfoliate gently and leave skin clean and revitalized. Each sponge contains konjac fibers which assist in balancing the acidity of your skin.

You might be asking “well, what on earth is Konjac?” like I did. Konjac is also known as devil’s tonguevoodoo lilysnake palm, or elephant yam. People use the roots as fiber for consumption and konjac can be made into flour and gelatin however, you don’t want to eat your Konjac sponge! The sponge is made from the fibrous roots and turned into a skin cleansing tool.

Upon researching the sponge, I discovered that a Buddhist monk fell asleep after eating some Konjac root and when he woke up, his meal had grown cold and sponge- like. I guess he thought it would be smart to exfoliate with it and boom! a skincare tool was born.

Dr. Sponge is fair trade, cruelty free, eco-friendly and the konjac sponges last for about 3-6 months making them very affordable.

Whats neat is that the sponge totally dries out and then when its immersed in water, it puffs up to double its size. I love using a tiny bit of gentle cleanser then cleaning my face with my Dr. Sponge. I tried the charcoal and the regular and like them both, although the charcoal is great for my acne prone skin!

You can also buy Dr. Sponge for the body and travel sizes. Check it out!


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