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Happy 2014! What are your plans this year?



Happy 2014! I wonder what this year has in store for us? All good things of course!

I could do a post about my favorite products of 2013 but I feel like that would be like trying to pick a favorite kid! I can’t do it, I love them all and while they are all so different, one is not better than the other. I really believe in finding products that work for YOUR SKIN, budget and lifestyle.

Instead of picking faves, I wanted to write a bit about personal growth and how I changed Hello Dollface. Let’s take a quick look back at 2013 before digging into this new year!

It was a big decision I had been thinking about for two years before I decided to take the plunge and make Hello Dollface natural, green and non- toxic.  The post where I explained my decision came from June 2013.

While in my personal life I had been using many natural products (and what I thought were natural and non toxic products) I also enjoyed many conventional beauty and personal care products but digging deeper into ingredients convinced me to go completely non toxic and take Hello Dollface in that direction. I couldn’t be juicing, doing yoga, and using natural products then turning around and telling people to buy toxic products. That didn’t make sense to me!

As a psychic in New Orleans told me last year, “You live your truth.” 

At first I mourned not being able to freely shop and toss whatever caught my my eye into my basket at Sephora and Target! In these posts, I wrote about shopping for natural products at Sephora and trying to find them at Target too. 

I talk about easy ways to make your beauty arsenal all natural here.  Important-avoid these TOXIC ingredients at all costs.

As the year progressed I learned so much about ingredients and natural beauty. I discovered shopping online at VitaCost and iherb as well as Spirit Beauty Lounge. I met an amazing community of natural beauty enthusiasts on Twitter and Facebook as well as in real life.

Due to stomach issues, I cut gluten out of my diet and looked closer at how and what I was eating. I aimed to make better food choices which is on-going but easier when I don’t eat white flour and limit my sugar intake. I also tried to incorporate yoga into my days, aiming for 40 minutes at least 4 times a week.

As you know I LOVE to read and I also love to promote authors through my book reviews and posts on Facebook and Twitter. I read some really fantastic books this year. I stand in gratitude at the writers who can change lives with their writing!

In 2014, my spirit/body/mind goals include doing more cardio (which is a real challenge for me), meditating and learning how to use the law of attraction effectively. Of course I will be writing up a storm!

What are you looking forward to during this New Year? Tell me!

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