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Friday Book talk! The Man Who Risked It All by Laurent Gounelle


The Man Who Risked It All by Laurent Gounelle

Alan Greenmor is about to end his life. Standing up high on the edge of the Eiffel Tower, he longs to jump  and end his life. His girlfriend broke up with him, he works at a dead end job, he feels like he has nothing to live for.

His thoughts are interrupted by a mysterious man , Yves Durbreuil, who  convinces Alan not to jump, he offers his help and in exchange, Alan will do exactly as Yves says or else Alan will end up owing his life to him. Yves promises Alan that he will be happy and successful if Alan follows his directions.

Alan agrees thinking his life cannot get much worse. Yves has a series of seemingly humiliating tasks for Alan to complete and Alan is often frustrated over the ridiculous things Yves has Alan do. Its in these strange errands that Alan learns about himself, about Yves and how to change his life for the better.

I felt like I needed a highlighter as I read this book because there are so many gems hidden within the pages, very clever observations about human behavior. I really enjoyed this book and liked Alan’s journey from  being a depressed man with nothing to live  for to something completely different.

I can see this as a film and I hope it gets turned into a movie because it would make a very inspiring and entertaining movie. The book is due out in March but you can preorder now or add it to your Goodreads “To Read” list.

Highly recommended!


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