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Even if you are trying to be really good about toxins, they can still manage to lurk in your house. I was clueless about some of these things until fairly recently.

Let’s take a look at the biggest toxins found in homes! 

Non Stick Cookware– I was a big fan of Teflon until I began reading how bad this stuff is. Cooking in it releases gases that can make us sick. The toxic chemical “used in nonstick pans “pollutes nearly every American’s blood.” Even more alarming, the majority of experts on the panel called the chemical a likely human carcinogen!” Instead of using non stick cookware, try cast iron or stainless steel. (source)

Fragrance– I never really put together “fragrance” with “cancer” but there is a link. Fragrance may contain diethyl phthalate (DEP) which is absorbed through the skin and are known carcinogens. This ingredient is not listed on perfumes and other fragranced items like dryer sheets, room sprays etc. It is made up of a toxic cocktail of mercury, lead, phthalates and cancer-causing dioxin!

Vinyl (banned in over 14 countries) which you will find in things like a new shower curtain. Also known as PVC, this poison plastic can disrupt hormones, and threatens your health and the environment.

Pesticides– well, we all know these are no good for us, right? Extremely toxic, the residual poisons used to kill bugs on crops may linger after they are washed and they also get into the environment. Pesticides are often absorbed  by produce and no matter how much we wash our apples and carrots, pesticides have already leaked into them. Most people tested had organochlorine pesticides in their bodies, at low levels but still- who wants trace amounts of pesticides in their system?

Lead in your lipstick- this is a bit controversial. I’ve seen several articles pointing out the teeniest, tiniest amount of lead found in  lipstick will probably not harm you. However lead is a neurotoxin and there is no safe level. Think about days of lipstick application, multiplied over weeks and months in combination with other chemicals. Avoid!

Triclosan– is found in soaps and hand sanitizers plus mouthwash and deodorant.  Triclosan has been linked to “liver and inhalation toxicity, and even low levels of triclosan may disrupt thyroid function. Further, the American Medical Association recommends that triclosan not be used in the home, as it may encourage bacterial resistance to antibiotics.” (source) 

I feel like every day I wake up and find something new to be aware of or to watch out for in the house or in food or the environment. To keep from getting too overwhelmed, I think of this great quote:

“When you know better, you do better!” 

One step at a time!


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  1. Well, what a bitter reality. :’) There are so many hidden toxic in every single household. Somehow, some of them are hiard to be avoided, but we may try our best.

    Nice post! 🙂 And, hello, I like your blog.

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