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Smooth and Soft with Desert Essence


I am on the lookout for products that will nourish my hair and skin. Having struggled with frizzy, dry, color treated hair for so long, I am constantly looking for something to moisturize my thirty locks. 

I was super excited to give Desert Essence a whirl. I have been using and loving the Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner plus the Spray.

The Shampoo has a thick consistency and it smells so good, you only need a small amount which I like. It does NOT contain Parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, phthalates, artificial colors, silicones, EDTA, glycol, petroleum-based ingredients, wheat, gluten, animal testing, and animal ingredients which I love.

You want to avoid silicones in your hair products because it coats the hair and doesn’t allow conditioner to penetrate the strands, its  been known to build up on hair too.

The Conditioner is very nourishing, again you only need a small amount. This is made with organic coconut oil and does a great job of smoothing hair, softening it and keeping it hydrated. I was so happy with both the shampoo and conditioner. The hair Defrizzer and Heat Protector were ideal for my hair which is full but thin, and as you know, its dry.

This spray did not weigh my hair down, only a few spritzes are needed. The spray is made from Jojoba and Coconut Extracts along with Cactus and Agave and Panthenol or Provitamin B5.

I am very pleased with the results of using the products and will purchase again when I have used them all up. I am also liking the Desert Essence UltraCare Toothpaste which is both flouride and sodium laurel sulfate free! My teeth feel clean and my breath is left minty. I take really good care of my teeth and love finding products like this one to use every day.

Here are the details: “Baking Soda and Sea Salt effectively yet gently clean teeth while Chamomile, Sage and Calendula soothe gums. Helps reduce plaque with powerful cleansing properties of Myrrh and Zinc Citrate and defends against sugar acids with Australian Tea Tree Oil.”

I like using either handmade soaps or a gentle body wash so naturally I was drawn to the Spicy Vanilla Chai Body Wash from Desert Essence. This warm, slightly spicy (in a good way) body wash is perfect for cleaning the bod and shaving the legs. Lathers nicely, smells good, works well. Perfect!

After my shower, I like to apply the Desert Essence Perfect Pistachio Foot Repair Cream. There’s nothing I hate more than long nails and dry dirty feet!

I generously apply this cream to my feet then put on cotton socks. Here are the details- “Organic Shea Butter deeply hydrates skin, while Organic Macadamia Seed Oil helps skin begin the process of regeneration.”  You need this for the winter! Apply to dry hands too and cover those with socks while the cream works it magic!

There is no doubt that I will be using more Desert Essence products! Have you tried this brand?




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  1. I’m currently using the coconut shampoo too and I love it! I was surprised that it lathers really well and sometimes I squeeze out too much from the tube!

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