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My dirty little (beauty) secrets



When I did a clean sweep of all my products several months ago, I tossed out garbage bags full of hair care products, soaps, lotions, and makeup not to mention perfumes and nail polish. 

In the time that has followed my purging of toxic products, I have managed to use primarily clean, green beauty products and I have completely replaced my skincare with only green and non toxic soaps, lotions and oils- even toothpaste!


I have a little secret and I feel guilty about it. I use a few –just a few– of my old toxic products. I have not purchased a single non-green beauty product since going clean and turning to natural beauty products but there are a few old things I have held onto.

I’m coming clean about it right now.

If you have recommendations to replace these then by all means, tell me!

Full disclosure here- occasionally I use:

Urban Decay Naked EyeShadow Palette. I love the colors of this palette, its super convenient too with all the colors in one sleek compact. I also have a TooFaced palette that I love, with gorgeous brown shades that are perfect for eyes.

CHANEL and Dior lip colors. I have one or two CHANEL lipsticks and a couple of Dior lip glosses. I spend a small fortune on these and like the colors. I’d love to find natural products that match these shades. I might have a YSL lipstick floating around too.

MAC eyebrow pencil. Surely there’s a natural eyebrow pencil out there! I just haven’t found a good one yet.

Pureology Hairspray and mousse. My hairdresser told me that Pureology was really gentle for hair- I believe the chemicals used are probably less harsh than many other hair care products. Mostly I use the hairspray because I haven’t discovered any non toxic alternatives that work as well as this one. The mousse, I use this on occasion when I want my hair to have volume and oomph but mostly I’ve been trying to get my hair in really good shape so I don’t use anything but a little hair serum from John Masters or Desert Essence.

L’Oreal Eyeshadow and Eyeliners. Oh how I loved L’Oreal! Great products especially mascara and eyeliners. This is one brand I seriously wish would overhaul their products into being totally clean. Sometimes I use eyeshadow from them- they have great colors and the eyeliner is long lasting. Wahhhhh…why can’t they be totally non-toxic?

Nail Polish. Most nail polishes are at least three-free now. I have quite a collection of nail colors and they are certainly not clean and non toxic although they are three-free. The ideal is five-free or water based.

I should also admit that I wash and blow dry my hair A LOT. I know people always say to skip a few days in between washing but that doesn’t work for me. My roots are greasy, the ends are dry and my thin hair gets all wonky when I sleep. That being said, I do use clean,  gentle shampoo and conditioners and have not used anything with SLS in a long, long time.

Are you a clean beauty lover with some dirty secrets of your own? Share with me!

I can’t help it, I have to tag some of my fellow green, clean beauty girls because I want to know if they are harboring anything on the toxic list. I tag:

Kim from KimberlyLoc * Sarita over at Peace on the Skin & Peace Within  * Lilly from Genuine Glow * Katie at the Green Product Junkie * Paula from Naturally Paula.


Now might be a good time to come clean about my Trader Joe’s Chocolate Almond obsession. I eat healthy but I am powerless to resist those treats! I am really letting it all hang out today.


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3 thoughts on “My dirty little (beauty) secrets

  1. Ha! I love the honesty, Cindy. And you’re so cute about it too. So…As far as hair, Yarok & Rahua both have volumizing products that are great. Yarok is a mousse if you like that texture while Rahua is a spray.

    For eyeshadows, one blogger just reviewed the one from The Organic Pharmacy that looks gorgeous: So pretty, right?

    Zuzu Luxe has a great liquid eyeliner. And Inika has an eyebrow pencil that’s certified organic. I don’t need one but it seems like a good one.

    Nail polish is tough. I like the water based ones because there’s no toxic smell either. I do believe nails need a break too, so “air them out” often. In winter, I rarely do my toes just to give the little guys a breather, literally. I’ve got some RGB ones that have great colors, are 5-free BUT don’t score so well on EWG. I haven’t looked into why not.

    As far as luxurious-looking green beauty, I find The Organic Pharmacy products to LOOK sensational! Their packaging is great but I have not tried them to know if they are good. Also, I did not look into their formulas to check for purity. But pretty? They’ve got that in spades:

    Hope this helps, Lovely!

    What a fun post and thank you for tagging me. I’ve had a post in me for a while on the products I wish were greener, so this will be my chance to reveal some goodies that I haven’t found in greener versions.


  2. Thank you for the great recommendations Sarita! Im going to check them out. Cant wait to read your “dirty” products!

  3. Honesty is so refreshing! You know what else is refreshing? Not being perfect! Not that using non-green makeup means that you’re not perfect. I think it is NORMAL to use some conventional products. I’ve cleaned up my beauty cabinet too, and I’ve thrown a lot, I mean a lot of non-greens, but for the special occasion, I think it’s okay to use the beloved NARS Multiple or whatever else. Thanks for this post, it’s great, and keep ’em coming!

    Read me on Ready, Set, Glow! ( coming soon in January 2014

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