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Mountain Rose Herbs Facial Kit



It’s so rare that I ever get a facial. I prefer to do masks at home (May Lindstrom, Josh Rosebrook and Osmia Organics are among my favorites) saving myself time and money. Most importantly, time. I do everything myself in order to avoid driving and dealing with traffic (and getting out of my yoga pants if I’m being honest)! I am a big fan of beauty treatments in the comfort of my home.

Recently (very recent, only Saturday morning) everyone in the house was still sleeping so I decided to partake in what will become a new relaxing ritual, using the Mountain Rose Herbs Facial Kit.

I love this gorgeous kit made from herbs, clay, rosewater and essential oils. I also love how great my skin looked after I used it! It was radiant and smooth, I cannot wait to do this again.

Here’s what you do:

Herbal Steam – Open pores with skin nourishing plant oils. I loved this relaxing and soothing first step plus the herbs are so pretty, its a true treat!

Cleansing Grains – Gently exfoliate dead skin and clear pores. These grains are really gentle, not gritty. Perfect for lightly buffing the skin.

Green Clay Mask – Absorb toxins, stimulate circulation, and deep clean pores. I think this is just what my slightly oily skin needs!

Wild Rose Facial Oil – Moisturize, protect, and balance your skin. Smells amazing, feels nourishing.

Rosewater Toner – Invigorating astringent to tighten pores and seal in moisture. Another one that smells so good. I felt enveloped in goodness when I sprayed  it.



I cannot say enough wonderful things about this kit and about Mountain Rose Herbs, a company with a great reputation and a wide variety of essential oils, herbs, spices and so many other products. Browse through the site and know you are buying from a terrific company. Go here for more!

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  1. It sounds like the ideal beauty ritual, Cindy. I’m imagining the scent of roses from here! Starting with a facial steam makes so much sense. I’d like to do those more often too. Mountain Rose Herbs is THE place to shop for so many of my DIY recipes. They carry such fine oils and herbs – many of them organic. XO

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