Do You Practice The Law of Attraction?



I’ve been taking an online Bootcamp class in the Law of Attraction hoping to change my thought patterns and internal dialogue from negative to positive. For some people this comes easy but for me, I have to work at it. Life is too short to be stuck in a holding pattern! Life is meant to be flowing, abundant and happy.

Confession: I am a worrier. I’ve always worried so much that when I was a teenager, I had an ulcer! I hold on to things and let them roll around in my brain and upset me again and again. I am determined to reach my goals but standing in my way are some pretty bad thoughts and negativity. Its time for me -and you- to turn over a new leaf! Healthy in body and mind!

I have written on an index card next to my desk: I am guided to the right people, places and situations that will support my growth and expansion. 

Difficult to master but not impossible is putting the energy behind every thought. For example, I cannot just think about going to Paris- one of my goals in life- and expect to suddenly have an all expenses paid trip delivered to my doorstep.

I have to plan the trip, get excited about it, act like I am going there right down to the smallest detail and put some positive energy behind every thought. When you think about all that you want out of life, its a challenge to put loads of energy into everything. I believe this is where prayer and meditation come into play. Take the time to focus on your desires! Dream big.


Every thought creates a vibration which attracts more of the same. So if you are constantly thinking about a lack of something, its perpetuated by those thoughts. According to the LOA, thoughts create reality.  Instead of saying. “Im always broke! I never have money!” switch your focus to “I have everything I need. Money is flowing to me constantly!” 

Your thoughts create energy which creates vibrations which are met with similar vibrations.

Here’s the basic guide to the Law of Attraction:

Ask: recognize what you want and feel you deserve it.

Believe: have faith in that you are going to get it, just like if you already have it.

Receive: embrace what you get and be thankful for it.



The great thing about this life is that there is always something to learn! I never make New Years Resolutions but instead find a way to improve upon my health whether that be physical or mental. This year it will be to meditate and make a conscious effort to follow the Law Of Attraction.

Do you practice the LOA?

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