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All about Pomegranates!



Behold the ripe red beauty of the pomegranate!

Fact- I never knew quite how to cut them up so I avoided these gems for most of my adult life. It wasn’t until very recently that I learned a super easy way to get those seeds- technically called arils- out that won’t leave your kitchen looking like a bloody crime scene.

First, let’s marvel at the nutritional value of this fruit:

It is loaded with antioxidants. * Fights cell damage.  *  Lowers cholesterol.  * Contains vitamin C. *  Protects against cancer. * Contains fiber. * Boosts immune system. * Aids in digestion. * Improves heart function. * Pomegranates helps with inflammation.

I buy one a week and savor each bite! In the past I have bought frozen arils in a bag at CostCo but I haven’t seen them there lately.

To clean a pomegranate without a huge mess, follow these steps:

You will need a medium size bowl, water, a knife and a strainer and obviously, a pomegranate.

Fill the bowl with water about 2/3 full.

Cut the pomegranate in half.

Take one half and turn upside down so skin is facing you.

Holding on to the pomegranate, immerse in water and scrape out the seeds with your fingers.

The seeds will float to the bottom, the rind (the white cartilage looking stuff) will float to the top.

Scoop out the rind with the strainer then strain the arils.

Now you are free to eat them! I like them just plain but I know some people enjoy them in salads. I made my Thanksgiving cranberry sauce with pomegranate and it was delicious.

There are loads of recipes on Pinterest here!





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